Quote of the day—pkoning

No, but they help keep it there.

March 19, 2020
Comment in response to the Los Angles Sheriff who said, “Guns won’t put food on your table.”
[The sheriff has some serious deficiencies in their education. If they are capable of reading and comprehending I would like to suggest they look up the word “hunter”.

I’m sure there are some YouTube videos they could watch and perhaps get a clue. But it could be they are just totally clueless.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—pkoning

  1. Some are merely clueless bigots. But many are chosen by the puppet-masters because they are actively evil, and use their position to further evil ends. It’s no longer reasonable to chalk them all up to being stupid and/or ignorant. The only question is percentages.

    • Yes, criminal intent is as prosecutable as criminal negligence. The problem I see is that no one laughed him to scorn for his ignorance. In a just world, people like the sheriff and Joe Biden would be to embarrassed to go in public.

  2. Given the LEOs are not enforcing much in the way of law and order in LA right now, they need to STFU about our Second Amendment right. It trumps petty local and unconstitutional proclamations. It is there precisely for when the government fails to do its assigned tasks or when it oversteps its authority. Both are happening in LA.

  3. The sad and ugly reality is that if things truly go to shit, the supply chain is fubared and people start actually hunting to feed themselves and family it won’t
    take long before just about every species of animal on the continent worth eating is GONE. There are simply FAR too many people to feed without the
    INTENSIVE chemically aided food planted, tended and harvested for the most part by expensive machinery. When modern farming dies so too does half our population and virtually ALL wildlife as people shoot, trap and slaughter anything edible to keep from starving.

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