Washington state anti-gun bill action

From the NRA ILA:

This week, two bills have been pulled from the House Rules Committee and are eligible for a vote at any time. Please contact your Representative and ask them to oppose House Bills 2240 and 2623!

House Bill 2240 bans the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of magazines that hold more than fifteen rounds of ammunition. This bill is strongly supported by the Governor and the Attorney General. These so called “high capacity” magazines are in fact standard equipment for commonly-owned firearms that many Americans legally and effectively use for an entire range of legitimate purposes, such as self-defense or competition. Those who own non-compliant magazines prior to the ban are only allowed to possess them on their own property and in other limited instances such as at licensed shooting ranges or while hunting. Restricted magazines have to be transported unloaded and locked separately from firearms and stored at home locked, making them unavailable for self-defense. Anti-gun legislators are attempting to bring HB 2240 up for a floor vote on Sunday.

House Bill 2623 prohibits an individual from possessing firearms if they are convicted of the misdemeanor crime of unlawful aiming or discharge of a firearm. This poorly conceived legislation even applies to airguns and slingshots and has no exception for an individual aiming or discharging a firearm for self-defense purposes in a location that would have otherwise not been authorized.

Their web page on this makes it easy contact your representatives with a prewritten letter. You can also edit the letter to make it more personal.


3 thoughts on “Washington state anti-gun bill action

  1. I tried reading House Bill 2623, but it is a convoluted mess with lots of legal gobbledygook. I have no idea what its really saying except “we got you”.

    What’s next? Banning sticks and stones?

  2. It’s OK. As long as it doesn’t use the word infringement. Then it’s not infringing, right?

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