How We Win In November – A Plan

Tom Gresham* of Gun Talk has a plan: How We Win In November – A Plan.

Via email from KW.

* Tom Gresham hosts Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk, the first nationally-syndicated radio show about guns and the shooting sports, and is also the producer and co-host of the Guns & Gear, GunVenture and First Person Defender television series.


5 thoughts on “How We Win In November – A Plan

  1. I like Tom. And voting is always a good thing. But we’ve been voting all our lives. The problem here is that theirs no real penalty for treason in this country. Politicians routinely stab us in the back with no reaction from us at all. The NRA is a classic example.
    Putting in time and money is good. But were going to have to be a bit more selective of personal. And keeping the message simple, straight and meaningful.
    Were fighting years of being hung by the rope they bought in the west.
    And well past time politicians heard, Don’t come back, if you don’t want to do the job!

    • “And keeping the message simple, straight and meaningful.”

      And, hopefully, better edited for grammar, spelling and syntax, e.g. “theirs” is not “there’s”.

      • Tell me it drives you crazy buddy! What do you expect from an eMpTy Headed bastard? I know, it doomed me to lower management all my life!

  2. That’s fine and all, but who, exactly, is this “We” person?

    On balance, “We” who favor liberty have been losing every election for generations, for both parties are irrevocably committed to a system of wholesale coercion. They only argue about the details; about how fast, and in what style and manner, liberty is to be violated. So pick your poison one way or the other, participate in the system, and then it will be said that, in so doing, you gave the coercive system a mandate, or tacit approval, for the next phase of authoritarian measures. Forgive me if I’m no longer terribly excited by that contest.

    I’ve heard all the arguments, ad infinitum, over the last several decades (so don’t bother repeating any of them), and they’re all running very thin at this juncture.

    My comment to some of the Republican fund raisers (for is there any other kind of Republican?) is this; How, exactly, does my money transform you into a principled and dedicated defender of the U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights, and being that you’ve failed up to this time in defending and restoring the American founding principles, having had 150 years to do so, on what grounds do you dare ask for my support?

    They can’t possibly justify my support. Either they’re already dedicated defenders of the American founding principles of liberty (in which case we would never be in this situation as they would merely be doing that job for which they are already richly paid, thus maximizing their chances at re-election like no amount of money ever could), or they are criminals deserving severe sentences. Our money might be able to purchase their status as criminals (that’s called temptation into bribery), but it can never buy libertarian principles. Therefore it is axiomatic; the more money they end up brow-beating out of us, using the excuse of the dire situation which they helped to create, the more corrupt they become.

    “Emergency! Emergency! Give us money!” they say, over and over and over again, for generations.

    Imagine you had two housekeepers, and they both were constantly dirtying up your house, stealing any cash you left lying around, breaking into your safe and stealing more, always blaming one another, always using the messy conditions as the premise under which you should pay more for housekeeping.

    And I’m supposed to think of one of those housekeepers, who constantly work together behind my back to eat out my substance, as my saving grace? My only hope? It’s an insult, added to a long sequence of injuries.

    • You fail to realize that the choice usually is between two evils, and the sane answer is to vote for the lesser evil lest the greater evil win the election. If you think the Republican candidate isn’t really right — and often that is certainly a valid view — does that mean you should support the Democrat who is advocating gun confiscation? By not supporting the Republican, you’re doing just that.
      One item missing from Tom’s excellent article was this unambiguous statement: if you own a gun and want to keep it, DO NOT vote for any Democrat. Not a one, no matter what position. Even if he pretends to support the 2nd Amendment, don’t vote for him, because he’s probably lying and in any case his party won’t let him get away with that support.
      Similarly, if you know any other gun owners who you think might vote D, explain to them why this is a bad idea.

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