I could never have even imagined this

Via email from Chet we have Progressives Gone Wild:

… a growing trend in Seattle: municipal employees increasingly seeing their work as part of a broader agenda of radical social change. Over the past five years, the City of Seattle has rapidly added personnel under the auspices of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Christopher Peguero, for example, manager of the equity program at Seattle City Light, views his role as much more than providing reliable electricity to utility customers. As Peguero explained in a recent interview on the City of Seattle blog, public utilities can be instrumental in the fight against white supremacy. “Race is most central to addressing institutional oppression since it is central to historical inequity in the United States,” he says. “I feel that an inclusive model is the only way that we will ever reach collective liberation from institutional oppression.”

There are several more examples but I particularly like this one:

The Seattle Public Schools’ Ethnic Studies Task Force has launched a new math curriculum based on the idea that the “Western” model of instruction has “[disenfranchised] people and communities of color” and legitimized “systems that contribute to poverty and slave labor.” To fight this injustice, the task force argues, schools must transition “from individualistic to collectivist thinking” and implement a new math curriculum that will “liberate people and communities of color.”

This is like something out of Atlas Shrugged or “The Crazy Years” as described in some of Robert Heinlein’s books. Stuff that was just too crazy to actually ever be real. But as I’ve heard people say before, “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.”

I could never have even imagined this on my own for a fictional story. I think this is a sign I should move back to Idaho. I would rather they build their utopia without me and my tax contributions.


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  1. So, in equity math, does 2+2 still equal 4, or is there even an answer, since belief in what the sum might be is more important than the sum itself?

    This is one good way to generate slaves for the gulag though – make the kids so stupid that all they can handle are menial tasks assigned by their appropriately colored bosses.

    • Don’t forget; it has to be a collective solution. Initially that’d mean voting to arrive at the answer, but very soon of course it comes to mean that the answer will be decided by a dictator who claims to speak for everyone.

  2. Back in April my wife and I took a road trip to visit old friends who just retired to Vancouver Wa. Nice place but twenty minutes from Portland.
    We drove east to check out communities to retire. Lots of nice enough areas and Walla Walla was particularly interesting. Then we got to Moscow and everything just clicked.

    We got back, checked in with our finance guy and decided to do it. California has become so toxic I refuse to be any part of it anymore.
    Our million dollar home(not bragging, that’s just the Silicon Valley market) is paid off and will allow us to move anywhere we want. Seriously, if you saw it you would laugh that people would pay that kind of money for 1225 sq ft.

    We are coming up in January to meet with our realtor and view properties.
    In March we put our home on the market and we can finally leave this needle and feces littered Eden that we were born in.

    • Do you have five guns for every person in your home? I think it’s a state law in Idaho. Well maybe not in Moscow.
      When you get here, don’t forget to vote for freedom every chance you get!

    • Moscow is great! I highly recommend Sean Wilson at Latah Realty. He helped us find our house here as well as 20 acres out of town on the edge of the forest which happened to have a neighbor who has a 600 yard range with steel on it who has kindly let me use it whenever! You too can be living the dream. 🙂

  3. “New math” I called Common Core math. I’ve seen a few examples of it, and it’s the most confusing bs I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t even solve a middle school level problem
    It’s math, y’all. We’ve spent millennia simplifying it for a reason.

  4. And the gods of the copy book headings, with terror and slaughter return!
    Truly is amazing to watch.

  5. You could never have imagined this?. Oh come now; surely you’re being coy. You heard the left declare, years ago, that logic is a tool of oppression used by white males. You also heard, from the 1960s, that insanity should be used as a tool by the left. Far from being unimaginable then, this is among the inevitable conclusions.

    All the signs for this, and for much, much more insanity and chaos besides, have been around for decades if not centuries, if not millennia. However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much we’re warned, or how much the leftists themselves state their intentions ahead of time; our incredulity will remain steadfast to the end.

    This is what I will keep hammering on though; we never take the left seriously, we never take them at their word when they telegraph their intentions. We prefer instead to make fun of their “stupidity”. ONLY THEN can we be blindsided.

    You think this is bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In spite of their already having told you almost exactly what they’re going to do next, they’ll appear to “come at you sideways” and shock the hell out of you because you just wrote them off as being incoherent dolts.

    Wait until their “climate justice” program comes at you. While we’ve satisfied ourselves that it has been a hoax from the beginning, with roots in early to mid 20th Century communism, they’ve been running with it, with a full commitment and a fervor that will, once again, shock the bloody hell out of us.

    And we think that they’re a secular movement? But they’ve been telling us otherwise and we don’t listen, because they’re “idiots”. No. They’re not secular; they’re anti-Christian, anti-Reformation. Big difference. Wait for their ecumenical movement, which is right now progressing apace just under the surface, to come into full fruition. You’ll be asking yourself; “where the hell did this come from?”

    Once again, it is said; small lies require the upmost in secrecy, whereas the biggest lies are protected by our own incredulity.

    We already know, from listening to the pope, that they believe all natural resources, and all manufactured goods, literally belong to them. We know from listening to them that they believe there are billions too many people on the planet. We know from listening to them that humanity is a plague upon the earth, which, through “climate chaos” is destroying the biosphere.

    NOTHING, then, is too extreme when it comes to “saving the planet”. As I say; you ain’t seen nothing’ yet if you think screwing with hard numbers in math class is extreme and unpredictable,

  6. I finally made it out of the Puget Sound region, to Montana, in November.

    I’m just waiting for my house to sell, and I’ll completely clear of the place.

    It’s exactly the kind of things quoted that I found so horrific, along with 1639 and all the rest of the rules/regulations/taxes that I found intolerable.

    The Real Kurt

  7. Collective math.
    John 2+2=6
    Juan 2+2=5.72
    Joe 2+2=4
    June 2+2=11
    Jane 2+2= 22
    Joe got the correct answer. Everyone passes.

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