Quote of the day—Oleg Volk

The recent terrorist event in the zoo previously known as Great Britain illustrated the unfortunate decline of that people. On the one hand, brave residents went after the perpetrator of violence with all available tools. On the other, the sole available weapon was a narwhal tusk in its original shape, not even fashioned into a proper spear. That’s Paleolith-level tool, no better than those available to Neanderthals.

Oleg Volk
November 30, 2019
Paleolithic Britain
[As I have not heard any whining from people in (formerly) Great Britain about a subject using such a tool for defense of innocent life is considered acceptable behavior. One has to wonder what it would take for these people to think it appropriate to use a more civilized tool.

I wonder if they are permanently stuck in the mindset of a subject as opposed to a free citizen.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Oleg Volk

  1. As for a more civilized tool, they need not worry, there’s no such thing as a Light Saber.
    Great Britain was on its way to becoming civilized in the decades before the First World War, but the bloodletting deprived the nation of the men with the will to fight evil, so the Red Scare scared the ruling class in (f)GB into starting gun control licensing, registration, and the declaration that self-defense was no reason to own a pistol. Everyone thought the nadir was 1953 when carrying something that could be used as a defensive weapon, e.g. a nine iron as a walking stick, or a wrench or screwdriver, was outlawed. That was just the start, as we know the (f)GB Olympic shooting teams have to leave the country now to practice. Although if some official thinks it’s an embarrassing situation, then someone will come up with a sufficiently arcane group of hoops to jump through to be able to practice air guns at one location sufficiently isolated from the general population so as to not infect the rest of the people. I predict that if it comes to that it will be on one of the Outer Hebrides Islands, and the only gun store will be in Devon with the licensing agency in London, open three days a week.

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