Quote of the day—Kathy Zhu @PoliticalKathy

Racists are a problem.
White people are not.

Homophobes are a problem.
Straight people are not.

Sexists are a problem.
Men are not.

White supremacists are a problem.
Trump supporters are not.

Violence is a problem.
Guns are not.

Kathy Zhu @PoliticalKathy
Tweeted on August 7, 2019
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kathy Zhu @PoliticalKathy

  1. Yep; it’s on the level of a Sesame Street skit (“One of These Things is Not Like the Others”), but the truth, no matter how simple and obvious, cannot be tolerated if the left is to accomplish its full potential as the world’s ruling power.

    And speaking of trying in vain to get across the simplest and most basic of truths; leftists know all of those things already. We know this for certain because they’ll make similar assertions themselves when it suits their cause. They know the truth when they see it, and, recognizing it for what it is (their enemy) they’ll oppose it.

    Ths is one of those, “What did he know, and when did he decide that it was in his interest to quit knowing it?” sorts of problems.

    In other words, we usually see this as an education problem, when it isn’t. Certainly there are astoundingly ignorant people in the world, and the more the better as far as the left is concerned for it helps their cause if people never see a clear choice, and for that we can blame the institution of public education, but their leaders and influencers sometimes understand the truth even better than we.

    They understand the truth, see it correctly as an impediment to their goals, hate it, and oppose it with everything they have. Some people will never be “educated out of” that position.

    Our conundrum;
    It’s easy to inform someone of a simple truth if ignorance is their one and only problem, but how do we approach someone (or an entire global system) who already understands the truth, hates the truth, and has studied the truth in depth for generations with the purpose of undermining it?

    Maybe the answer is; it doesn’t matter because the earnest informing of the ignorant, and the earnest chastisement of the evil, can end up looking approximately the same. I don’t know, but I often believe that we haven’t fully recognized our conundrum as we often fall to into the Pointing-Fingers-and-Calling-Them-Stupid routine (the PFCTS syndrome)(and yes I’ve been as guilty of that as anyone).

    Is this QOTD an example of PFCTS? I don’t know; maybe it depends on the intent of the person speaking.

    The Bible, as with all things of significance, speaks clearly on this subject;
    “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

    I do know for sure that if the left is merely ignorant, or incapable of understanding, they’re not guilty. Thus, when we declare them ignorant or stupid we exonerate them;

    “Your Honor, I protest; my client was totally unaware of the rules in that situation, for if he’d known he’d surely have behaved differently!”

    Are we acting defense attorneys for the left, have we taken it upon ourselves to be acting prosecutors, or are we simply advocates for truth? Or is there some other agenda entirely?

    The distinctions may not always be made clear in our actions, but we need to be a clear as possible for our own selves. That having been accomplished, if it is possible, I believe that the proper actions will follow.

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