Threepers in the news

After Mike Vanderboegh died discussion of Threepers pretty much disappeared off my radar until yesterday when there was an article in the Seattle times:

The talk at the Yelm Prairie Christian Center was of frustration and anger — and of what to do about Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

So intense is the distress over new firearms regulations in the state and Ferguson’s support of them that a group of 35 or so came together to discuss what many saw as a constructive next step: Go to court to file citizen complaints against Ferguson or maybe even attempt a citizen’s arrest of him.

Many wore insignia of the Washington Three Percenters — a group whose website says its goal is to “utilize the fail safes put in place by our founders to reign (SIC) in an overreaching government and push back against tyranny.”

I had my say about Threepers a little over 10 years ago and rereading it, and my comments to the post, I don’t see there is anything I would change with the most recent attention from the Times. I would, however, add that I see a citizen’s arrest of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson as counterproductive.


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