Revolvers must go through the revolving door

Yesterday I saw this sign on a door:


I was struck by all the ambiguity. How many different plausible interpretations are there? Here is my first cut at the set:

  • No guns allowed beyond this point unless you go through the revolving door.
  • Long guns and pistols are okay but no revolvers may pass through this door.
  • Do not use this door, use the revolving door, because of revolvers.
  • Revolvers must be taken through the nearby revolving door.

3 thoughts on “Revolvers must go through the revolving door

  1. I like the sign at a local business: “No Concealed Carry Allowed”. I choose to think that means open carry is OK as our state has constitutional carry. Besides, if it’s concealed, how will they know I’m carrying? I suspect not enough thought went into the wording of the sign. Silly people.

  2. Totally off-topic of the post, but it irks me when I see a differentiation between *pistols* and *revolvers* as you did: “…pistols are okay but no revolvers…”

    Just because it has a revolving breech does not mean it’s not a pistol. Sam Colt’s original patent for his *revolver* was for a “revolving-breech loading, folding trigger pistol”. The man that invented the Colt Paterson called it a pistol.

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