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  1. Before we pat ourselves on the back for having the convincing arguments, ridicule was a powerful weapon for the Reds and the Nazis as they came to power and worked to retain power. One notable example is the traveling exhibit of “Degenerate Art” (Entartete Kunst) assembled by the Nazis in 1937. People paid money to see the exhibit and jeer at the “bad art”. Other times, as Jews were rousted on the streets or out of their homes, neighbors would jeer at them and call them contemptuous names. Childish insults are not always ineffective against adult fact-and law-based arguments.

    • Yep; tactical insanity has a power of its own. Charles Manson, for but one example, spoke openly about it. Ayn Rand wrote about the left’s openly promoting insanity as a tool of rebellion against the system.

      Let’s not make the mistake of believing that because we are clearly right, and that we clearly have the rational arguments, our rightness will somehow protect us from the criminal class.

      If anything it’s the opposite; you’ll be hated, maligned and physically attacked precisely because you’re right.

      W. Wilson; also, the syntax for italics on this blog uses the standard html right carrot and left carrot, but rather than i, you use em inside to start italics and /em to cancel italics.

  2. It may be a straight up Markley’s Law violator, Joe, but that one is weak sauce. No zing at all.

    Do you have any entertaining ones? If I have to be subjected to outright playground-class inanity, could I get some with some craftsmanship? Maybe some inspiration from the classics, like Shakespeare? I just looking for a full attempt at wit, rather than half.

  3. Quick snappy reply:

    “Whatever the size of my wedding tackle, it’s at least twice the size of your brain.”

    The Real Kurt

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