The left is preparing for Civil War II

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‘If others have rifles, we’ll have rifles’: why US leftist groups are taking up arms

Armed antifascists groups say they want to protect events from malicious and potentially armed groups – an increasingly common phenomenon

The van lumbered down one of Seattle’s many steep hills. A half dozen people packed inside but despite the heat, most wore long pants and boots, and several sported black hoodies. The atmosphere was subdued, except for the occasional joke. It wasn’t so much tension as seriousness – there was work to be done.

The people in the van are members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC). Their stated aim is to fight white supremacy and build community defense in America’s Pacific north-west, and their presence has become a fixture of protests in the Seattle and Tacoma areas, where the group is often invited to provide security against rightwing aggression.

We live in interesting times with multiple sides believing they have the moral high ground in a conflict of visions. When have we heard this before? Maybe in the 1860s?


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  1. Providing armed security? I thought that’s what Seattle P.D. was doing? They do it in Portland.
    That being said, are there any white supremist anywhere in the Seattle area? that showing up armed?
    What are they going to do when their told to turn them in by the big government they love? Oh this is to funny.

  2. So, a group here or there of Leftist losers, whose only knowledge of firearms comes from their video games, buys a few rifles. Yawn.

    They might even be the spark of American Civil War 2.0, but they will be neutralized almost immediately. There will not be a massive uprising. It will be a pointless and futile display that will get them all dead.

    What they should worry about is unrest disrupting the food shipments into their liberal enclaves. It will be interesting watching them resort to eating their dead.

    • I agree, any widespread unrest in the cities on the coast will quickly cause their supply lines to be cut as the deplorables refuse to drive the trucks. I wonder if these groups are prepping for that.

      If Trump wins in 2020 I expect to see these cities burn as a triggered leftist riot.

      • Full on riots is what I expect with a second term for PDJT and they will burn down the places where they live and work. Not smart.

  3. It’s a grim business driving to the range. Game faces everyone!!😛

    If an antifa black rifle follows me home, can i keep it?

    • You have to neuter or spay it to keep it.
      Otherwise it is off to the PETA shelter where they do not practice “no kill”

  4. It looks like Antifa is getting more active.

    “Antifa is leading a “Border Resistance” militancy training tour that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, TX. The promotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed & government property fired bombed. Organizers asking for “white comrades” to pay for others.”

  5. I wonder of any members of the John Brown Gun Club ever read up on their namesake and saw how his rebellion worked out?

    • For John Brown and friends poorly.
      For the abolitionist movement, quite well.

  6. What a bunch of morons. What they don’t get is that a couple dozen guys with toolboxes are far more dangerous to their sanctuary cities than any number of people with rifles. Cut off the power, telephone lines and pipelines then watch the cities wither.

  7. Fighting “white supremacy” and “right wing aggression”?

    How does one fight an essentially non-existent movement and made-up terminology? Certainly not with bullets. And what could “right wing aggression” even possibly be, given that the right stands in opposition to aggression?

    For starters, a little history lesson would be in order. Racism, tribalism and aggression are bedrock features of the left in general, and likewise of the American Confederacy, the KKK, the Eugenics movement, Progressivism, the Fascisti, and the Democratic Party. The extent to which any Republican or any “conservative” exhibits any aggression or racism is the extent to which he is a compromised, or “moderate” conservative, having adopted some significant amount of leftist doctrine.

    In Europe the communists (leftists favoring Marx) referred to the Nazis (leftists favoring Marx) as “the far right”, along with the Fascisti (leftists favoring Marx) who at that time re-instated the papacy (leftist authoritarians favoring Roman Fascism) as a sovereign political power. So we saw all these far left groups battling for supremacy, occasionally trying to insult one another using the epithet, “right wing”.

    The European “right/left” spectrum then is totally left wing, and thus authoritarian, from end to end. In their model, which I suppose is a pipe dream, there is no such thing as a libertarian, but only various flavors and styles of far leftists. It’s just a stupid trick. yesterday posted an article on the dangers of “Christian Nationalism”. OK, so I think I see the connection; the left of course always blames others for what they do, but their main enemy is the Protestant Reformation which stands (or once stood) in opposition to all forms of authoritarianism.

    Therefore, if there is any real “left wing / right wing” dichotomy then it would have to be the counter-Reformation (the papacy, Jesuits, Marxists, communists, jihadists, and the secret societies and fraternal organizations)(collectively, the “left”) verses the Protestants (any remaining Biblical Christians)(collectively, the “right”) and those societies, cultures or nations built by them, which we today call “The West” or “Western Civilization” or “Judaeo/Christian Civilization”. Otherwise we should throw out the “left/right” model altogether, as it does more to confuse than anything.

    If the above (counter-Reformation verses Protestant Reformation) is the definition of the current world conflict, and I believe it is, then it is very nearly over. Western Civilization, having been infiltrated, corrupted, brow-beaten and confused for many centuries, has all but totally capitulated. We are in the “mop-up” phase, prior to the enemy declaring total victory.

    This model also puts the lie to racism, which is real, yes, but only as a tool of agitation, distraction and confusion. Racism has only ever been perpetrated by the left (by authoritarians of one stripe or another), for a true Christian or true libertarian has never a shred or scintilla of racism, nor violent aggression, in him.

    • Keep in mind that to the left words only have to be in disagreement with them to be considered “violence”.

  8. The left only thinks they are preparing for war, they are not, as normal they are cos-playing at that as well. They do not have any real stash of firearms, a base level would be 1:1 with people in the group(and I highly doubt they have that) and a IBL(individual basic load) of ammo, hell I doubt they even know what an IBL is, or that any IBL requires at least 3x that amount in storage not counting the base load to resupply from.

    Hell they dont have any stores of food, water, or any way of securing, filtering, cooking said stores when/if they are off grid.

    The reason I say they are still just cos-playing at this, is not as pointed out above that they have no base stock built up, but they think that they will be able to fight this battle from the safety of the cities, and that the stores will always have food, and that the police and .mil will always be on their side. I honestly dont think that they understand just how fragile the JITS(Just In Time Shipping) that their cities require to live, or how quickly a very few motivated people(like sub50) could basically due a middle ages seige on them by cutting them off from power/water, most of the major leftist cities are feed via bridges and tunnels, not that hard to either defacto or dejure isolate them, or even just like half of them and then the over usage at the ones left alone will be overloaded and just about useless.

    I honestly think that they believe they can stop at startbucks and get a low-fat double pump Mocha-latte one their way to and from the revolution.

    If this goes to even a medium warm shooting war, it will be very bloody very quickly, and while the left likes to talk about putting 1/3 of the US in to ‘re-education camps’ they are not really ready to go door to door to enforce that sort of action. And how many firearm owners their final internal moral stopgap is when they start trying to put US Citizens on buses.

  9. Stopping at Starbucks for some frou-frou drink is no different in conceptualizing the conflict than the 1850’s southern writer quoted by Shelby Foote, that “all the blood spilled in the coming war between the states could be wiped up with a pocket handkerchief.”

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