5 thoughts on “Democrats offer nationwide concealed carry permit reciprocity

  1. Nope, not believable at all. The Dems never offer anything good.

    If it was “Democrats offer to not ban magazines over five rounds, yet. In return for *unspecified* tax per round.”

    It would have been much closer.

    • You don’t know the details of the reciprocity. You would have to meet the requirements of the most restrictive state in which you wished to travel. Since some states require you be a resident “reciprocity” is meaningless in that state. In NYC and Washington D.C. you would need to get a gun license which requires residency and hundreds or thousands of dollars in lawyer bills and agency fees. And, of course, the gun would have to be on the “safety” list and could not use hollow point ammo (NJ).

  2. Ah, another Ackbarian offering.
    Thanks, but no. Especially not on the terms Joe outlined.

  3. I’ve got a better idea: we get Constitutional Carry… and they get what’s coming to them.

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