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First off, there is no “epidemic of firearm mass murder”. Murder rates are at something like a 50 year low. The mass murder rate in the U.S. is in the same general range as the rest of the world. Unless you want to compare the U.S. with Europe in the 20th century. In that case the rate is far, far, lower. And you know why? Because the so much blood was spilled by governments murdering their own citizens. Closest the U.S. has had that might be compared is some of the Indian wars. And guess what, the North American natives were banned from owning firearms.

Genocide and firearm restrictions are closely related:

Which leads is the main point to be made about this cartoon. The cartoonist leaves no doubt what they think of the NRA, gun owners, and those who insist the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms means what it says, “shall not be infringed”.

With such an attitude they are the same path to the murderous behavior of European governments in the 20th Century. If you give up your guns, or even register your guns, we are at a much higher than acceptable risk of a similar result here.


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  1. Would it be impolite to point out that Muslims are ~2% of the population, and just under half the mass shooting in the last few years? Or that black males make up 6% of the population, but commit about half the murders? Or that CPL holders commit violent crimes at roughly 1/5 the rate of cops? Nah, I likely shouldn’t bring those up… Might be considered a negative stereotypes.

    • Ideology is the number one factor in criminality verses honesty and productivity. Should it even need to be said? Of course not! Of course ideology is the primary factor.

      That having been established; who is driving, promoting, nurturing or supporting the ideologies of victim identity, angst and alienation which result in higher crime rates? It’s the very people who want to talk about everything BUT ideology as a factor in crime, and those are the people of the left. Their alliance wants to take down the Ten Commandments, for example, thus removing the foundation of what’s been known as Western Civilization.

      “Hey hey!
      Ho ho!
      Western Civ. has got to go!”

      Remember that chant? I do, from decades ago – none of this stuff, ever, is new. It all goes back thousands of years.

      If everyone loved the Ten Commandments, thus having them written into their lives, the world would be a good and happy place, and guess what else? There would be no leftists, that’s what. No authoritarians, no Marxists, no fascists, no socialists, et al, and we can’t have THAT now, can we?

      So tear it all down, they must. Doing it piece by piece (rather than by precipitous and violent revolution) is their definition of “Progressivism” (“occurring in incremental stages”). That’s where the wording in the cartoon, “NO LIMITS ON GUNS!” comes from. There are of course thousands of limits on gun production, trade, sales, ownership, carry and use, but those were just incremental steps toward full disarmament. They have to keep up the charade to get more restrictions, so every time they have to put forth the notion that guns are unrestricted.

      Of course the second amendment says “shall not be infringes” and so they hate that with a burning passion. They still need to be clever in their hatred, because you don’t get from “shall not be infringed” to full disarmament without Progressivism being practiced with great care. Our problem is that we’ve let the camel’s nose I the tent over 100 years ago.

      That camel needs a good, hard, bloody nose that it will never forget, so it understands its place in the world. It will never, ever stop otherwise. We’re no longer capable of doing that. I have all the licenses and permits to prove it, and so do all of you. So we’re doomed to endless holding actions and endless tug-of-war.

      • Someplace I have a cartoon of two men in a prison cell. One is saying, “You might say I’m in prison for my beliefs. I believe in armed robbery.”
        Beliefs are based on values and motivate actions, which put people in prison in this country (so far).

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