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Via a tweet from 2ANow ❌‏ @2ANow:


It’s a humorous thought, but even with those conditions, and actually, especially with those conditions present I would not license my guns.


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  1. Point taken, as of course the libs will never do that; but no, not even then.

    • The Leftists will never do that, but they will require it of “hate speech”.

  2. The poster of course is asking for some sene of equal, or at least similar, application of standards out of the leftists, but that’s not what they’re about and it never has been. They mean to rule, to dominate. Expecting any kind of deference, or modicum of respect, from them is to insult them. You’re supposed to go away and die, and make room for their New Justice. You’re the ones standing in the way of Progress, killing the planet, causing all poverty and all wars, and “triggering” all the decent folk. How dare you demand any sense of equality, or a scintilla of consideration!

    Also, there’s a meme out there:

    “I live in a free country.
    I have all the licenses and permits to prove it.”

    Also; when can we stop referring to leftist agitators, authoritarians, fascists, bomb-throwing anarchists, communists, drive-by media pundits, corrupt journalists, anti-American revolutionaries, socialists, totalitarians, freeloaders, mal-educators, advocates of coercive redistribution, common criminals, seditionists, traitors, anti-constitutionalists and other servants of evil, (i.e. papists) as “liberals”? It’s like referring to a turd as fresh fruit. Hasn’t that lie played out long enough? So long as we continue to do that, none of us will know the difference between eating turds and flushing fresh fruit down the toilet, and vice versa.

    It is unreasonable that we would expect to overcome them while participating in their lies. It’s a signal to the left that they have you, that you’d rather go along with their games than to expose them thus making yourself a target. It means you belong to them, in deed if not in thought (their mark is on your hand if not in your forehead).

    To call a fascist a liberal is to, by implication, call yourself, as a liberal, a fascist, for what is an anti liberal but a fascist? It can come as no surprise then, and don’t complain, that they call us fascists! We’re dancing the same dance, right along with them! It is the dance of the death of discernment.

    • I’ve stopped using the word “liberal” in all but a very few instances.
      Put a liberal amount of sunscreen on before you get burned!
      Very much like George Orwell’s Newspeak example of “This dog is free of fleas.”

    • I use the word ‘liberal’ only in past-tense. I generally refer to them as leftist, but perhaps we should just call them fascist.

      Today, many on the left think that urgent action is needed for climate change, gun control, and white privilege – democracy, the constitution, and the courts be dammed. And they think that we are the fascist!

      • Commies, short for, “Communist”, “Totalitarians” or “.Absolutist”. Or real short for,” Red diaper doper brainwashed conceited leftwing communist totalitarian absolutist murdering hippie nut jobs that smell bad.”
        There’s probably a lot more one could add. But “commie” kind of sez it all for me.

        • Blackshirts? The Antifa took Mussolini’s band of thugs’ uniform color, so it would also be accurately descriptive.

  3. That’s funny! It works on several levels. Sad to say. But it seems that being a commie means you have to be immunized against “intellectual exercise”.
    This sort of thing goes through a liberals head like crap thru a goose.

  4. Unfortunately, there are plenty on the left that think limiting speech is quite desirable. They camouflage it with terms like “hate speech” but what it actually amounts to is a drive to ban all speech different from theirs.
    Notions like “real reporters” (as distinct from conservative bloggers) tie into that, and the idea that news outlets would be licensed makes perfect sense in that mindset. Consider also that licensing of speech is quite common in other countries where Constitutional liberties are nonexistent.

  5. Pretty sure that, $150,000.00 masters degree in” Trans-gender Micronesian female sexual habits” is a license to them. And makes them an expert in all things, including firearms. And your lack of need for them. After all, trans-gender Micronesian’s don’t use them.

    • If you haven’t gone through the indoctrination and licensing process known as Post Secondary Education, you aren’t qualified.
      Just leave it to the experts.

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