Pencil control

Via a retweet by SAF (@2AFDN on Twitter) we have this from @SandraSentinel:


It’s logically consistent. Therefore, if you are in support of banning guns to stop violent crime you must also be in support of banning pencils to stop people from getting bad grades. You may have already observed this but they do not follow this course of action.

One must therefore conclude that the reason for their desire for banning guns has nothing to do with the stated goal of reducing violent crime. It must be something else such as a desire to control people.

Another alternative which has legitimate application in many cases is that anti-gun people do not confine themselves to logical thought processes. One Marxist professor I talked with even express pride of being able to break free of such constraints.


2 thoughts on “Pencil control

  1. We can laugh at the Leftists, but I knew Law Students and Medical Students who used the same “Lucky Pens” and wore the same clothing on every examination day in the hope that there was some luck there.
    Magical thinking, deodands, and cartoon science are still alive and well in American society.

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