Gun cartoon of the day

Via a tweet by SAF:


Stay away from such places. You will be safer elsewhere and you will not be spending your money in businesses which are hostile to the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Good advice. Don’t patronize places that disrespect the First Amendment, either, like Ben & Jerry’s, who don’t do it directly, but through proxies.

  2. Here in Texas, a specifically worded, specifically formatted sign with inch-high letters has to be posted at entrances to prohibit otherwise lawful concealed or open carry of handguns into businesses. However, these “red circle & bar” no gun silhouette signs are often posted by businesses.

    These silhouette signs have no legal meaning here in Texas, and can & should be ignored by gun carriers. I asked my credit union manager about their front-door silhouette sign, and was told that several of the tellers had already brought this info to her attention. Corporate management insisted on the useless silhouette being posted, she said.

    That bit of info implies two things. First, that where I bank some tellers are gun carriers who are probably working strapped, which is a good thing. Second, that the corporate management also knows these signs are useless, and use the signs purposefully to pacify their antigunner customers while allowing legal carry by their wiser gun carrying customers. This is a neat bit of public relations, if you ask me.

  3. My Bank, one of the largest 15 in the U.S. has a no gun policy, yet where I live not a single branch has a legitimate State Law compliant no gun sign on the entrance. Some have no sign at all. I will not name the bank just in case they read this and decide to post the proper sign.

  4. Conceal is conceal and licensed or not, they don’t need to know.

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