Halle Berry training for John Wick 3

This afternoon daughter Jaime, her fiancé, and I went to see John Wick 3 – Parabellum. It’s a good action movie. There is some humor too. As Jaime pointed out the humor is “interesting”. It’s delivered completely straight and frequently without even any words. I recommend it for more than the entertainment value. It shows very skilled gun handling and shooting by both Keanu Reeves and Halle Barry. I’m inclined to believe, as is stated in the second video below, we see actors shooting guns at skill level never before seen in a movie.

Below is Barry doing, essentially, USPSA stages. I expect she is performing at about a low class B for a USPSA shooter.

There is some controversy in the gun community over this. I’m inclined to side with Uncle on it.

I expect the anti-gun people universally hate the movie and the training videos. It shows what can be done with guns and make it look fun. And it is fun. I’m going to a USPSA match tomorrow, and do most of what Reeves and Barry did in the videos above and I’m going to have fun doing it.


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  1. I always say the scene in the catacombs of John Wick 2 is a 3 Gun stage.

  2. It’s all fun and entertainment until you realize that the people doing it would gladly see you imprisoned for doing what they do.

    It’s that same, Romish mindset which leads to the Italian Mob throwing a lavish public funeral for the guy they just knocked off (perhaps more people will appreciate the guy after such a funeral), or the Germans planning a museum of Jewish culture (maybe more people will appreciate the Jews after attending such a museum).

    Could It backfire on them, by promoting private gun ownership? It could, though that doesn’t change their elitist, exclusivist mindset. Them “showing gun use in a positive light” could just as well backfire on us too. Al they need is one high-profile spokeswoman saying;
    “I’ve always been opposed to the second amendment, but once I really learned about guns and learned how to use them proficiently, I realized just how horribly dangerous, how sinister, and how disruptive to public safety they really are…”

    In Hollywood, we are after all talking about some of the greatest masters of deception of all time. That’s saying a lot. They’re so good at deceiving us that, even knowing what they do and much of how they do it, we respect them and want more.

    It doesn’t matter what you or I think about it though. We aren’t going to change the fact that we willingly pay our enemies to fool us, and them come back and pay, eagerly, and wait in line to be fooled again, and that it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. As in professional sports, the movie business even has a secondary industry dedicated to talking about it.

    We practically worship that horseshit, and they in the business know it. In spite of the “Shut up and Act” meme of the 1990s we still practically worship that horseshit.

    “Shut up and Act” is saying “I want your product” still. For myself I’ll modify “Shut up and Act” to “Just go Away; I have no use for your product”. Big deal though; instead of getting my fifty dollars per year, max, now they get nothing. They’ll never even notice, bit I will.

    The spell it can have over us is a powerful one. Unlike alcohol or other addictive drugs and bad habits, it usually has no social stigma attached to it. People love this drug and love talking about it.

  3. Berry….like the majority of paid pretenders in HollyWeed is a hypocrite.
    They constantly incessantly attack OUR rights under the Second Amendment
    while getting obscenely rich playing make believe with guns. They are the
    quintessential commies who routinely engage in conduct and actions they
    want to make illegal for anyone else. They all need to hang. Some problems
    can only be solved by a good funeral.

  4. Why is she shouldering the AR with a pistol stock? doesn’t that make it an illegal short-barrel rifle?

    • I don’t know what you mean by “pistol stock”. It looks like it might be a pistol caliber carbine. And if the barrel is less than 16 inches it could still be legal with the proper paperwork.

        • No, they decided to through the whole ruling out. you can shoulder pistol braces now. even the BATF lawyers caved on that much stupidity.
          It pretty much sunk the whole SBR scheme they had going..

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