6 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocate Reality Distortion Field

  1. Too funny! plus, “the violence the Kennedy’s suffered.” At the hands of a communist with a surplus bolt action rifle from the turn of the century. And a “hadji” with a revolver? Goodness. If they only knew!

  2. “Guns in the hands of civilians were far less lethal [in the early 1960s]”

    They lie, of course. Lying is routinely part of warfare, and they’re waging war against Western Civilization. Accusing them of lying would be akin to accusing a military commander of deceiving his enemy. “Well, duh; that’s how we defeated them!” and then he gets his ticker-tape parade and a medal. You don’t shame an enemy in war for pointing out his deceptions, any more than you could shame his infantrymen for shooting at yours.

    BUT, we can of course point out HOW they lie, by way of alerting those on our side of the tactics of the enemy. Toward that endeavor I point out that the quote “Guns in the hands of civilians were far less lethal [in the early 1960s]”, like most statements coming out of the authoritarian mind, can be taken in different ways depending on one’s perspective. It’s a slippery statement.

    If guns, any guns, any caliber, any action type, in the hands of civilians, kill more people today than yester-year, then indeed they are “more lethal”. Not a higher percentage, as in deaths per 100,000, but simply more people. So now we’re down to quibbling over statistics and geography, see, which is where they want us. Otherwise we can quibble over firing rates and capacities, the fact that machineguns were still widely available and easy to get in 1963 whereas they’ve been effectively banned since 1986, and quibble over handiness, calibers, sectional density, bullet design, range, and foot pounds energy, which is right where they want us because no one cares about nor understands the technical specifications and anyway how can you be so callously technical while our kids are dying!

    On the other hand, if we point out that, regardless of what they say, the authoritarian alliance is waging a global war against Western Civilization and all of it’s values, principles, beliefs, doctrines and institutions, and we lay out the legacy of that war, using only their own words and actions and recorded history, and that “gun control” is just one part of that global war, then maybe some more people will begin to understand what the world is facing, and THUS would care more about restoring the second amendment. No technical or legal gibberish required whatsoever.

    And it doesn’t take any kind of firearm to slaughter millions of people. Swords, machetes, axes, spears, microbes, arrows, toxins, et al, even plain old fire, injustice causing emotional distress, and of course lies, always lies, have been employed by papists and others of the authoritarian alliance for millennia, and they’ve managed to kill millions therewith.

    • This is not about shaming anti-gun people. This is about pointing out to undecideds or people inclined to believe them that anti-gun people are evil.

  3. I’ve got a “gun control” law suggestion, that would I predict, eliminate 90+/-% of America’s “gun crimes.”
    Ban ALL Democrats from owning ANY guns….with stiff sentences for offenders…..problem solved.

    • Bans on gun ownership for Democrats would not work any better than banning them from recreational drug use.

      • It would also raise some issues for those of us who are *ahem* registered Democrat in the hopes of helping to “primary” some of our current bad actors.

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