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In Florida, being armed in public is such a casual formality that law enforcement does not issue the license to carry loaded, concealed guns; that is done by the Department of Agriculture – the same agency charged with issuing permits to pick tomatoes or transport livestock.

Their website is FreshFromFlorida.com. You can use it to get a permit to carry a loaded hidden gun without ever leaving your house.

Dan Gross
President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
March 27, 2012
Can you get a gun in Florida without ever leaving your home?
[Of course it was false. They have had a culture of lies and deceptions for so long I’m not sure they even know how to tell the truth.—Joe]


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  1. I suppose we shouldn’t point out to them that in 14 states and counting, you don’t need a permit at all because those states obey the Constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms.

  2. I would love it if Florida authorities would come to your home, do the fingerprinting, take copies of your supporting docs, and walk you through the application process. Alas, they don’t.

    Good idea, though. With modern internet capability, it is certainly within the realm of possibility…..

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  4. I hate to say that he’s even partially correct, but he is. You can’t get a NEW concealed weapons permit in Florida without leaving your house, but you CAN renew an existing permit online or through the mail.

    • In addition to my current Florida CCW permit, I have held permits in 2 other states. In both of these states, simple renewals were allowed through the mail. Unlike these other states, Florida has taken the extra step of facilitating renewals online.

      This is a feature, not a bug. They have already trounced on my rights by requiring me to get a license in the first place. The least they can do is to make the process as painless as possible.

      • Renewing your CWP online is absolutely a feature. I just felt the need to point out that Gross wasn’t 100% wrong.

  5. It bears pointing out, yet again, that having to get a permit for it means that it isn’t treated (by you or the government) as a right.

    Either the government may interfere with it, in which case it isn’t considered a right, or the government may not interfere with it, and thus it is considered a right.

    It’s either A or B, one or zero, a right or a government-granted privilege. Which way are we arguing here? One would not be able to tell by reading the post, or any of the above commentary other than pkoning’s. Everyone else is arguing over the details of privilege-granting.

    Please note that the headline, “Can you get a gun in Florida without ever leaving your home?” makes no mention of permits. It says “gun” only. This is along the same lines as our re-definition of “insurance” as “healthcare”. I don’t know of an insurance agent who will take you in and set a broken arm or diagnose an illness, for example, nor do I know of a single defensive use of a carry permit.

    We’ve lost the language without a fight then, having adopted the enemy’s language as our own. We then argue, however enthusiastically, on the enemy’s premise-turf using his language. Thus we will lose. Ipso-facto and QED.

    Yes; I understand that. Thanks.

    • My point, in it’s entirety, is that The Brady Campaign lies as a matter of course. If someone, or an organization, routinely lies one can and should regard them as evil and proceed appropriately. End of story.

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