Missing or stolen firearms

In states with “safe storage” laws private citizens would be facing heavy fines and probable jail time for this:

According to the audit conducted by MCSO along with the ATF, 50 guns were found to be missing from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The 50 missing or stolen weapons include:

  • 29 fully automatic weapons
  • 20 short barrel shotguns
  • 1 short barrel rifle

Note that these are all NFA class firearms. My guess is that why they know they are missing. The ATF had a record of them and asked to verify their existence. I wonder how many non-NFA firearms are missing or have been stolen and there are insufficient records to answer such questions.


4 thoughts on “Missing or stolen firearms

    • Or Obama had them sent to Mexican gangsters… Funny funny hah hah, right? But none of this is funny.

      The point is that we, even we who regard the second amendment most favorably, siding with liberty and truth as we see ourselves, are being invited to think of firearms as contraband. That’s how this works, see? And it does work.

      This wouldn’t be much of a story if the missing items were socket wrenches or spare parts from the police vehicle maintenance garage, for why should it? But if it’s guns, then ooooh! We’re supposed to get all atwitter and tingly, like its a big, sinister deal.

      Only under illegal (unconstitutional) gun restrictions does this story go any farther than the department, or at most the county budget office or county commissioners. Then it may come up in the next local election. Otherwise it’s a purely internal issue, like a missing overhead projector, or stolen toilet paper.

      Someone will comment. “But that’s a fortune in machineguns!”. Yeah yeah, again; only under the fake restrictions. Their value as used guns under a constitutional America would be a few hundred dollars each. Tops.

      Think of something comparable, in real cost of manufacturing (as distinguished from compliance costs and other artificial market distortions – we’re trying to imagine a free country here). Something comparable to an average submachine gun. Let’s say, a food processor? Maybe a small, hydraulic bottle jack. Take your pick; you get the point. Whatever it is; what can you pick up an old but serviceable used one for at your local Goodwill or pawn shop, etc?

      I’ll go with fifty dollars as a good round number. Anything more is due purely to politics, and lawless politics at that.

      So fifty guns at fifty bucks each, that’s twenty five hundred dollars. Stop the fuckin’ presses! We have a national story here! Some obscure Sheriff’s Department loses track of 2500 dollars worth of county property!

      So you see; it’s only our insanity which drives us crazy…

  1. Are they stolen if they’re in various deputies’ gun safes? Or just stored off-site?

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