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having a weapon makes you an adult. I think not. It doesn’t even make you virile or a man. It’s just a form of penis envy. Feeling a little light are you?

Mark Wetzler‏ @Wex2
Tweeted on August 8, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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  1. Here also we may see echoes of the confusion between the trappings of authority and the real thing.

    Leftists, communists, Romans, et al are totally into the trappings as substitutes, or counterfeits, for the real thing. Build a huge capitol building or a marvelous cathedral with other people’s wealth and other people’s labor, or wear a badge or hold title, and THAT makes you righteous. That’ll somehow make up for a total lack of authenticity.

    Jesus rides in as a simple and humble man on a donkey and speaks of love, while the pope or the dictator lives in a golden palace, with servants and his own army, and boasts of his authority. And yet who has the real authority?

    What the Progressive authoritarians apparently can never be allowed to understand is that any genuine trappings, such as there are, and there are few, come as a result of the real authority. A genuine man owns property because he worked his own ass off for it, and he carries a gun to ward off the leering predators which never seem to leave him a.one. The righteous man is beset from upon all sides by the iniquities of evil men, while the boastful, strutting, false authorities are revered for what is seen as their intimidation power and their abundance of pleasures and luxury.

    So yeah; that QITD stems from extreme confusion about what is real authority and how to spot it. Forgive them; they have no clue. They’ve been lied to and misdirected all their lives.

  2. The women I know who carry also lack virility and penises. Where does that leave his argument?

  3. “It’s just a form of penis envy.”
    When someone clubs you from behind and beats you into the ground just to get your wallet and phone, pull out your pecker and use that.

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