Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

The GUN GRABBERS spent more than $80 million in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton president and a Senate that would confirm her Supreme Court nominees. They failed.
Then it spent at least $3 million in 2017 to defeat Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. They failed.

Now the President has nominated another pro-gun rights person to fill a seat on the Supreme Court, and there’s no doubt the gun grabbers are going to spend millions of dollars trying to derail another justice who will NOT fall in line with their extremist gun ban agenda.

They cannot afford another defeat.

Alan Gottlieb
July 9, 2018
Via email.
[See also Kavanaugh Has a Record on Guns.

SCOTUS nominations are why I and millions of other gun owners voted against Hillary Clinton. We now need to follow through and get good judges actually onto the SCOTUS bench.

Please consider donating to organizations who will use the money to help get Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination confirmed.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. If we’re struggling with elections, nominations and appointments and such, in an effort to “protect our rights”, then we’re ceding authority to the courts to define,redefine, or eliminate our rights.

    If rights are inherent, if they’re “endowed by [our] Creator” as it says in our country’s founding document, then it wouldn’t matter who’s in office. No one would have the power to alter or abridge or to violate our rights without being arrested for that crime. Which system are we pretending to live in?

    If we’re pretending this is Rome, with a “Holy Roman Emperor” as it were, with the authority to redefine rights or eliminate them altogether, with authority over the very precepts of the constitution, then by all means; your livelihood and indeed your very life will depend on the outcomes of elections and appointments.

    If we are we pretending to live in the American system on the other hand, wherein rights are inherent and untouchable, then the particular people in office will scarcely matter at all– Anyone attempting to alter, abridge or otherwise infringe (touch upon the outer edges of) someone’s rights would be subject to prosecution as soon as they could be identified and located.

    Shouldn’t we decide which system we’re operating in before we get too carried away with cementing that system into our personal actions and reactions and thus paying homage to it?

    This is all a long-winded way of breaking the news, of course; we’ve been operating as a Fascist system all along, with the “unalienable rights” wordage merely serving as cover. Oops; we all fell for it.

    • And do you have a plan to change the games we are currently playing such they play by our rules rather than us playing by theirs?

      • We sons of liberty changing the rules the Leftists make us play by seems about as likely as the mice belling the cat.

    • We’re dealing with people who don’t believe any of the rights we hold as endowed by our creator are in fact so given to us. To them our rights are a matter of majority vote, not something that cannot be infringed. The Leftists are going all PSH because they know they only have the majority vote, not any of the good arguments. And yes, we’ve been living in a fascist system since at least WW2, when we won the war but lost the philosophy.

  2. To be fair, Michael Bloomberg can afford to lose like this until he dies.

    The good news is that unless you are owned by Michael Bloomberg, you aren’t even on the Radar as a gun control group.

    CSGV appears to be all but dead, same with the VPC, really all the Joyce Foundation shell groups.

    Brady Campaign was gasping for air, then suddenly it is moving around again…I suspect because Bloomberg paid their operating expenses, so he could own an anti-gun group that wasn’t founded by himself.

    Everytown and Mom Demand Action are the only name in gun control, and that name is Michael Bloomberg.

    The hand-picked anti-gun kids from Parkland made a little splash on the scene, and who owns the “March for Our Lives” brand? Bloomberg.

    Last I heard those kids were taking a bus tour not funded by Bloomberg….I have no idea if they’re still doing it, or where it is because without Bloomberg notifying the press and drumming up chatter, nobody cares.

    He’s 76, it will be interesting to see how late in life he chooses to continue this pet project, and once he quits it will be interesting to see where gun control goes…he will probably fund the Everytown shells while he’s Retired, but after he dies I suspect they will be given an endowment from his estate that likely will be mismanaged away within a few years.

    Maybe some new Dictator Wannabe will take up the mantle of gun control after Bloomberg, but I would love for this war to be finally over…..but for right now Bloomberg will probably plague us for another decade at LEAST, and he CAN afford to lose, so we have no choice but to win.

    • Tom Steyer (“Impeach Trump Now” and one of the high priests of warmism) seems like a plausible guy to pick up the astroturf factory when Bloomberg finally disappears from the scene.

      • As Victor Lazlo said in “Casablanca”, “there is always someone else”. He meant it in an optimistic way, but the same goes for the evil ones who can’t bear the thought of others having the same freedoms they enjoy.

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