Denial of service by a spider

I have a security webcam set up to send me an email of the image when there is movement in its field of view.

A spider decided the camera lens (maybe the IR light was the attraction) was a nice place to do a dance. So… I started getting extremely frequent emails which had large attachments. This filled up the email box on my server and blocked incoming emails from people.

Denial of service by a spider.

It could have been worse. Do you remember my story about denial of service by a dust bunny?


2 thoughts on “Denial of service by a spider

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last six months developing and presenting internal training about how to stop DoS and spiders…

    But I don’t think I have anything to help you with that kind.

  2. We have multiple IR-emitting cameras around the property; spiders loooove to set up house over the lenses. Sigh.

    Sidenote: Said cameras are dazzling when viewed with night vision gear. Don’t look at the cameras! Makes me wonder what to do about trying to maintain a low-night-time-profile when everything is aglow to NVG.

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