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Yeah, because what you really want to do in a society is make 150M gun owners with 600M-1B guns and 1T rounds of ammo for them ostracized pariahs, with nothing to lose, no job, no life, and no prospects, and sit there on top of the shit heap with the other monkeys as Lords of the Flies, with nothing to protect you but an entitled smirk.

Because that will turn out so well for you and the other shitlords.

Keep on telling gun owners they’re terrorists, and see what happens when they decide if they’re going to be hanged as a thief, they may as well steal.

March 17, 2018
Comment to Robb: When ALL Gun Owners Are Shunned
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. There were a few interesting comments in that article, once I got past the nazi shitheads spouting their garbage. Is that standard for that particular blog? If yes I should put it on my “avoid” list.

      • Takimag has that problem with his commenters, too. Many of the articles are interesting, but thanks to the comments, I don’t bother anymore

    • I don’t understand where the constant stream of antisemitic comments on many conservative news sites and blogs comes from.

      I admire any group of people that survives a Holocaust, regroups to rebuild their civilization, then repels a coordinated attack by every single surrounding nation twice, and after surviving all that hatred still cedes land to their violent enemies exhausting all efforts in a hopeless but valliant attempt at peace.

      • It’s not just conservative sites. There is a lot of pro Muslim/anti-Israel stuff on “progressive” sites.

        But, I agree, I also have a lot of admiration for Israel and most Jews.

        • You’re right. I at least expect to see it on progressive websites though. Although that still doesn’t make sense to me. Islam in general is quite intolerant of the socially liberal tenants of progresivism, so it’s strange to see such die-hard defense of a religion that would have American liberals stoned or beheaded for their beliefs. Maybe there’s something I’m missing here.

          • The regressives aren’t so much embracing Islam as they are using it and other fellow travelers groups to destroy the concept of western civilization and Christianity. “The enemy of my enemy”…. etc. Most of them believe that they will be able to control the bear after he eats everything that they wish destroyed, with themselves left alone at the top after it’s all over to do as they wish. And you won’t be able to convince them otherwise, because history is irrelevant and facts don’t matter, “because I feelz”.

        • I can understand being a little cranked off at American Jews, because a large number of them keep voting Democrat despite it REALLY not being in their best interests.

          But man, WRSA has really devolved. I haven’t been there in a while and that comment threat made me want to take a bath. I thought we’d gotten past the ‘Evil Jews Rule The World’ crap.

      • Ah, but the Jews, the Muslims, and the movers and shakers of most other religions, all visit the Pope to kiss his ring (as do our U.S. presidents, and the dignitaries of most other countries). It’s the “ecumenical” movement, bringing all religions together for a common cause, which happens to be essentially Fascist. The UN has an ecumenical council too. Kumbaya and all that shit. Look it up. And weep.

        What we see as a conflict between religions is just for show and effect. It’s to make the world so uncomfortable with our divisions that we’ll welcome, nay beg for, a new world order, which will be ancient Rome in essence (or Babylon). It’s the old “Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis” methodology. It’s a dog and pony show. Millions will die, and have died, but it’s still a dog and pony show.

        I know; I’m speaking crazy conspiratorial shit. As the saying goes; Small crimes require the utmost secrecy. The really big crimes on the other hand are protected by our incredulity. They can therefore be done in the open and no one will believe that they’re happening.

        Besides; if you read the Bible, you’ll see that any serious Jew would now be a Christian, and that any serious Christian is now a Jew. Jesus came, as a Jew, to speak to the Jews. They are one in the same, so to use the term “Messianic Jew” is redundant and silly. What we see in Israel then is something else, in the same way that the major “Christian” religions aren’t really Christian (even a cursory reading of the Bible will reveal that much).

        Atheists and agnostics should read the Bible, if for no other reason than to see the wholesale deception that is being perpetrated, and the hypocrisy. That deception and hypocrisy has a will and a purpose.

        Don’t take my word for it. It’s out in the open.

        • Can you elaborate in a blog post? I get the feeling that a lot of the meaning behind your comment was lost due to the abridged nature of comments.

          • A couple months (or more) ago I reverted my blog back to just a single author, me. Neither Lyle or anyone else other than me have blogging privileges here anymore.

      • Marx and Engels, what religion? USSR gulag leadership, predominantly what ethnic group?
        What ethnic group sided with the invading muslims in Spain, circa 8th-14th centuries, persecuting Christians? That is why the Spanish Inquisition was so anti-Jew; returning the “favor” done to Christians for centuries. (of course, the Christian Visigoths of Spain persecuted the Jews, prior… much as the Jews had helped the pagan Romans persecute Christians prior to that.)
        What was the world population of Jews circa 1939, and again circa 1946? The difference is not six million.
        What ethnic group are a very large percentage of the Hollywood bigwigs, pron producers, mainstream media, and bankers belong too, and are they doing things that are generally good for mainstream America?

        If you see that pattern, what might, possibly, occur to you? Long story short, they see Jews doing what is best for Jews at the expense of the host country, time and again, across History. Many of them are fine people individually. But they do not appear to be, collectively, doing things that are good for the American nation or people (or any other nation, for that matter). They are big open border advocates… for all nations but Israel. For someone who wants his nation left alone, that might pose a problem….

        Just sayin’

        • For all these comments, I’d apply the Wikipedia marking “Citation needed”. That goes particularly for the “not 6 million” claim.
          As for things that happened a millennium ago, maybe so but why should I care? Any more than I care about islamic ideologues harping on “crusades”?

          • Hopefully I don’t have to spell out the history of Jews involved in money-lending; it’s longer than Swiss banking.
            Spanish occupation under islam: Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain.
            Marx, Engels, etc, under communism: Marx, and a bunch more at ComunismBlog. (Engels has conflicting sources – likely not upon digging, but given I’ve heard it a couple places it’s easy to see see someone taking it as true and running with it).
            Number of Jews who died in WWII: Jewish Estimate Sees Number of Holocaust Dead Drop To 2.8 Million!
            Gulags – Gulag Archipelago, but with the distinction made between ethnic and religiously pious Jews. A distinction often blurred on purpose for political purposes.
            Hollywood: many sources, like here, also searches like “hollywood jews” and “hollywood jews changing names” get a lot of interesting hits, even before you get to Crazy Days and Nights.
            Jews in the pron business: more mixed reputation on sources, but it’s a very common theme in many circles, and there is more than zero evidence of their significant over-representation in the biz. Start here, again with the caveat of distinguishing between pious and secular jews and the murky Venn diagram connecting them.

            I’m less sold (if you’ll excuse the pun) on the domination of the slave trade by the Jews, though they were clearly involved on both ends of it. The Arabs, and later Muslims, dominated it as far as initial taking and continental distribution. Books: White Cargo, the above-mentioned “Myth”, White Gold, Christian Slaves Muslim Masters…, and many more.

          • Paul,
            the 6M number was a made up/PR effort to generate maximum sympathy for them. The real number seems to be in the 1-1.8M range. Maybe.
            Lots of controversy due to problems with documentation. Sad story, no matter what the actual numbers. My mother’s family may have been Russian Jews.

          • Sorry, if the best you can offer to support the “not 6 million” is “it wasn’t 6 million” them I’m just going to consider all that to be IGNORANT CRAP.

      • I think it’s trolling by Leftists so that if anyone who begins to doubt the party line and want to leave the reservation will look for alternative views and see the anti-Semitism and think “I want nothing of this” and go back to being a good party loyalist.

  2. “Keep on telling gun owners they’re terrorists, and see what happens when they decide if they’re going to be hanged as a thief, they may as well steal.”

    That’s far from being any kind of warning to the PTB. Rather, you’re juuuust maybe beginning to understand the genius in the evil plan. Even after seeing it repeated over and over again, while the left calls for more of the same policies and actions that cause it, you’re talking about chaos and mass death as though they were to be avoided.

    That’s a bit like warning a whore that if she keeps doing what’s she’s doing you’re going to become aroused, and you might therefore even consider cheating on your wife. You’re warning the drug pusher that you could become addicted to his product.

    • Yeah, but Lyle, most leftists are delusional enough that they honestly believe after the rubble settles, THEY’LL be the ones in charge. It hasn’t dawned on them that their fate might be the same as the Brownshirts or the Trotskyites.

      Hell, they can barely SPELL history, let alone study it.

  3. Re: Antisemitism

    Gotta hate somebody, and Jews are handy! For details, consult Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”, Chapter 14.

    • It’s funny. Jews complain that they are constantly targets for oppression… yet they never allow anyone to question what they might have done to become targets? You don’t blame a rape victim for being a rape victim, but if that same person keeps dressing the same provocative way, hanging out in the same places, doing the same things, pissing off or taking advantage of the same bad people, and getting the same result, at what point is it OK to say “there might just be some shared responsibility, here, and I’m not going to be very sympathetic to you cause if you don’t behave more rationally…”

      But if you point out that Marx and many communists are Jews, they say “Well, they were just ETHNIC Jews, and that doesn’t count! You can’t blame today’s Jews for sins people of the same ethnic group did years ago! That’s not fair!” And I’d agree… as soon as people stop trying to blame all of today’s whites for yesterdays sins such as slavery (which is insane, because nearly all ethnic groups in the past were involved in slavery as owners, though not all individuals were. Why target only one group which wasn’t even the biggest or most notorious?).

      I like consistency in principles, and that is one thing most on the left are really, REALLY, bad with.

      • For information regarding the participation of Jews and other minorities in mass movements, refer to Chapter 9 of the work cited above.

        Or just read the whole thing.

      • I rather treat people as individuals. There is a term for judging people by their membership of a group: “bigotry”.

        • Actually, it is prejudice (pre-judge). Bigotry is intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

  4. Nope, I have not considered that. I’m a very tolerant person and am not particularly inclined to consider such limits on the comments at this time.

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