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If you don’t feel the need to carry a gun because you believe the government will keep you safe, why do you care if I or anyone else decides to Carry a gun? If anyone tries to harm you, the government will stop it right? ‍♂️ Where Is your faith in government?

Colion Noir‏ @MrColionNoir
Tweeted on January 2, 2018


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Colion Noir‏ @MrColionNoir

  1. That’s an awesome comment on so many levels. “Hey if I’m so paranoid/delusional that I find the need to carry a gun, that’s my decision – it shouldn’t be bothering you, though.”

    • Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there’s no one out to get you!

  2. It’s a rhetorical question of course; the way in which leftists expect government to “keep them safe” is by disarming the law-abiding people, so only the criminals, government, and foreign infiltrators are armed.

    It’s similar to one of my distant neighbors, who recently had one of his properties robbed. One of my long-established walks takes me past that property, and when he noticed me and my two kids walking there on Christmas, he got all pissed and told us that due to the recent criminal perpetration against him, we were no longer allowed to walk there.

    We apologized and left, so now the only people who will walk near his property are the criminals, and he’ll loose several pairs of the eyes (our eyes) which could only benefit him. I’ve helped him with loose cattle in the past too. Not any more, I guess.

    THAT is a small subset of the mindset of the left; when one person (virtually always a leftist) commits a crime, seek to punish everyone. That mindset gave us the TSA for example, a way for them to get us accustomed to checkpoints and arbitrary, intrusive searches and encumbrances, but which will serve as barely an incoinvenience to the hardened criminals bent on mass death.

    So it is that the left, which has the goal of putting everyone under the thumb of oppression, uses criminals as de-facto allies in that quest.

    Such has been the goal for many generations, “Ordo Ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos) (or some variation thereof) being displayed in many of their traditional, higher level strongholds. That concept is described in several ways, “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” being another, and “Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis” yet another. It’s a very old concept, which the left repeats in countless ways, always feigning compassion or “the greater good”, etc. If they can foment enough irritation, chaos, pain, suffering and death, then we will surely welcome our new overloards as the bringers of peace and order.

    • “Punishment of the uninvolved” has been a mainstay of modern management theory since the Leftists got into the non-STEM disciplines.

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