Quote of the day—George Washington

Russia did not hack the Democratic party emails.  Instead, an American intelligence whistleblower leaked them.

George Washington
December 12, 2016
Intelligence Officer Who Personally Met the Democratic Email Leaker Confirms Leaker Is with AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE Services
[It’s certainly plausible. American intelligence services have the capability. And that Hillary was so casual and flippant about her blatant security lapses was more than enough motive for everyone I have talked to who spent time in the intelligence community.—Joe]


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  1. Are you saying that, in effect, the “intelligence community” believes it is above the law? That would not be a real surprise, but it is nevertheless shocking and completely unacceptable. We had enough of that under Hoover. A good answer would be to cut back those “sixteen agencies” to what the Constitution actually authorizes, and have the whole mess closely examined by a Grand Jury.

  2. I am just impressed with the date. That out intel service can do things 6 months in the future is amazing

  3. The Obama administration abused the power of agencies from ATF to DOJ to IRS to NSA to FBI, using them to oppress political opponents. “Unmasking” political opponents under the guise of counterintelligence operations and then reading their emails under FISA warrants was standard practice, apparently, as hundreds of such “unmaskings” have already been revealed.

    What is amazing is that there were and are so very, very few people involved in these blatantly corrupt and awful practices whose moral compasses rebelled, and even fewer whose rebellion took the form of leaking the info to the press. One ATF agent finally leaked Fast & Furious to bloggers. Nobody in the IRS ever leaked about Tea Party suppression and Lynch still walks free. Nobody in DOJ has complained publicly about Operation Choke Point. One person, apparently, leaked proof of Democrat party misbehavior. Just one leaked the truth, when dozens of people in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton campaign must have known the NSA & FBI was reading the emails and otherwise spying on Republican presidential candidates.

    Nixon was a mere mischievous scallywag by comparison. These people really, really need to go to prison for their malfeasance and abuses of power.

  4. No matter who hacked/leaked the emails (Russia, the US intelligence agencies, Seth Rich, or random teenagers in Moldava), as far as I know the content of the emails have never been contested. The whole hacking thing is just a distraction.

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