Quote of the day—Weer’d Beard

Planting a Mole in the Brady Campaign is like sending a torpedo at a sinking ship.

Weer’d Beard
July 24, 2017
Comment to Brady Campaign is hiring
[I can’t see any advantage to having a mole inside of the Brady Campaign either. They just aren’t effective enough at anything except generating material for us to mock to be a threat.

I could see it being useful to have someone inside who leads them further into self delusion and irrelevancy. It would be amusing for them to spend a ton of money “getting back to their roots” and openly advocate for the things they did when they had the most power in the White House.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Weer’d Beard

  1. Getting access to the current version of Journolist would be worth it.
    Documenting the money trail will be important for the eventual racketeering trials.

  2. They’ve been expanding their issues to include Obamacare in order to try and generate some revenue. Their latest email begging goes on about how a repeal w/ prevent billions of gun shot victims from getting care.

  3. It might be useful. Gun control supporters are very strange people. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them have really nasty skeletons in their closets, and a mole could find those skeletons and show them to the general public.

    • Maybe. I’m not sure what the proper term for someone like that would be. But it works for me.

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