Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

The bottom line is that the Left already knows their gun control schemes do not work; criminals and terrorists have proven it. Yet they keep demanding that Americans submit to more and more restrictive gun laws.

Perhaps it is not gun control they are seeking. Maybe they are just seeking control.

AWR Hawkins
July 21, 2017
When Gun Control Fails
[There is one thing gun control is good for. Genocide.—Joe]


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  1. <"…the Left already knows their gun control schemes do not work…"

    We have to be careful in our choice of words. First; the Left knows that gun control does in fact work, and that it works well. Everywhere it’s tried it serves to demoralize a population and move it toward submission to authoritarianism.

    However, whether a violation of human rights “works” or not is beside the point. For example, it could be said that slavery has “worked” to some extent for all of human history. Doesn’t matter. It’s still wrong. It’s wrong because it is a human rights violation, and therefore the outcomes of doing it anyway are quite beside the point.

    Does ANYONE understand this simple concept? I’m not seeing much evidence that this is getting through. If we fail to grasp it we have failed utterly, even if we get everything we want for a little while.

    If you read that full quote as posted then, you would see that it, a) makes no sense, and b) skips the primary, overriding issue and instead holds fast the false assertion that gun control is for “fighting crime”.

    This is an example, if I may, of “our side” being so distracted by the lies and insane assertions and false premises coming from the Left that we can think of nothing else, else. Thus we forget what it was the fight was about in the first place. Thus we lose.

    We lose in the same way we are currently losing with the Republican Party. Republicans have made sweeping inroads at all levels of elected office, but rather than talk about protecting human rights, all I hear about is who can do a better job of “running the country”. Liberty is not on the table for discussion, nor is it on the ballots. So it is that in this kind of principle-less “victory”, we lose.

    We we focus on outcomes, and focus on lies, thus failing to uphold truth and principles as foremost, as able to stand on their own, we’re missing the entire point in the same way the Republican Party has been missing the point. We’ve become just another flavor of authoritarians, claiming to have a better plan for “running things”.

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