Quote of the day—Baltimore Evening Sun

It may take years, but make no mistake, the time will come when the United States will adopt laws similar to those in European nations—laws which virtually ban handguns altogether and which place the most stringent restrictions on ownership of any kind of firearm. There is no other answer.

Baltimore Evening Sun
January 4, 1991
Page A8
[Reading the history of the Evening Sun results in enough schadenfreude to cause me to sleep with a smile on my face tonight:

In 1959, the afternoon edition’s circulation was 220,174, compared to 196,675 for the A.M. edition.[18] However, by the 1980s, cultural, technological and economic shifts in America were eating away at afternoon newspapers’ market share, with readers flocking to morning papers or switching to nightly television news broadcasts.[19] In 1992, the afternoon paper’s circulation was 133,800.[20] By mid-1995, The Evening Sun’s readership — 86,360 — had been eclipsed by The Sun — 264,583.[21] The Evening Sun ceased publication on September 15, 1995.


In the 1990s and 2000s, The Sun began cutting back its foreign coverage. In 1995 and 1996, closed its Tokyo, Mexico City and Berlin bureaus. Two more — Beijing and London — fell victim to cost-cutting in 2005.[7] The final three bureaus — Moscow, Jerusalem, and Johannesburg, South Africa — fell a couple years later.[8] All were closed by 2008, as the Tribune Co. streamlined and downsized the newspaper chain’s foreign reporting. Some material from The Sun’s foreign correspondents is archived at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.[9]

So, it turns out the prediction made by The Evening Sun of the disappearance of gun ownership in the United States more accurately reflects the disappearance of The Evening Sun and it’s sibling paper The Sun.

But the biggest take away from this is that you should never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. It’s also refreshing and encouraging to note that while the “civilized” European countries like UK and France still belabor gun control, the barbaric Czechs and their neighbors are heading the opposite direction – more firearms freedom and Constitutional guarantees to protect it.

  2. The US suffered 2.3 million casualties saving “Civilized Europe” from itself in two world wars. The US spent more trillions saving Europe from the Soviets and now we see how “Civilized Europe” repays it’s staunchest ally. I say we allow young European women into the US, though not as citizens, and let the rest rot in the hell of their own making. Children of Men was not fiction!

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  4. “There is no other answer.”

    OK; what was the question then, exactly? You can’t say “there’s no other answer” without positing a question.

    There may be “no other answer” to his hidden question, but there are certainly other questions.

    We can say with confidence, for example, that his question was NOT, “What is the best way to fulfill, and then strengthen, the protection of liberty promised in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?”

  5. When I lived in Baltimore – 1989 to 2000 – the crack epidemic was the big thing. Even with over a murder per day (and many more shootings per day) in Bawlmer back then, with drug gangs competing for territory, the Sun pushed gun control on the law abiding as the answer to the problem of drug gang murders.

    When your only tool is a hammer, everything you see needs pounded with a hammer.
    Drug gangs shooting up the town? Gun control!
    Home invasions? Gun control!
    Carjackings? Gun control!
    Race riots? Gun control!
    Corrupt government? Gun control!
    Milk in fridge past expiration date? Gun control!
    Sun rising? Gun control!

    Eventually, the “only answer” will be seen for what it is – a thoughtless program of disarmament of only the law-abiding – by the majority of people. To hell with Baltimore and the Baltimore Sun.

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