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This supports an hypothesis of mine that most such “social justice” types are themselves exceptionally shallow, narrow-minded bigots.  When something even more blatant than “Friday” comes along, and they are forced to be aware of their own human failings, they over-react, as does the reformed alcoholic or druggie who suddenly “Finds God” and obsesses over religion (versus faith or piety) to the point where it’s apparent it’s merely a substitute addiction.

Once aware of their own failings, their form of denial is to project their shortcomings onto all “normal” people, who obviously feel as they do, about those “non-normal” people they suddenly realize were in fact human beings all along.

Michael Z. Williamson
May 20, 2017
The Failure of the Science Fiction Reader
[“Friday” refers, of course, to Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel.—Joe]

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  1. “Substitute Addiction” – what a great, and accurate, term! I’ve also observed these characteristics: the barely (if at all) reformed alcoholics who can only form relationships with other alkies, because “Only they can understand me.” – This attitude appears similar to that of the the socially-flawed SJWs who cluster together in disbelief that those of us who don’t share their obsessions can’t possibly be indifferent to race, religion, etc., as distinguishing characteristics.

  2. Friday examined what made a person a person and a human being.
    RAH’s previous examination (the one that comes to mind, there may be more I can’t think of now) was the short story, “Jerry Was A Man.”

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