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This supports an hypothesis of mine that most such “social justice” types are themselves exceptionally shallow, narrow-minded bigots.  When something even more blatant than “Friday” comes along, and they are forced to be aware of their own human failings, they over-react, as does the reformed alcoholic or druggie who suddenly “Finds God” and obsesses over religion (versus faith or piety) to the point where it’s apparent it’s merely a substitute addiction.

Once aware of their own failings, their form of denial is to project their shortcomings onto all “normal” people, who obviously feel as they do, about those “non-normal” people they suddenly realize were in fact human beings all along.

Michael Z. Williamson
May 20, 2017
The Failure of the Science Fiction Reader
[“Friday” refers, of course, to Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

  1. “Substitute Addiction” – what a great, and accurate, term! I’ve also observed these characteristics: the barely (if at all) reformed alcoholics who can only form relationships with other alkies, because “Only they can understand me.” – This attitude appears similar to that of the the socially-flawed SJWs who cluster together in disbelief that those of us who don’t share their obsessions can’t possibly be indifferent to race, religion, etc., as distinguishing characteristics.

    • Warmism is another great example of a substitute religion. Or cult.

  2. Friday examined what made a person a person and a human being.
    RAH’s previous examination (the one that comes to mind, there may be more I can’t think of now) was the short story, “Jerry Was A Man.”

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