Quote of the day—Rockin Out @carsonites

@Ducks_N_Bucks19 @garageleague66 Um You’re The Coward ‼ Small penis man trying to compensate with Big gun‼LOL …we know who you are

Rockin Out @carsonites
Tweeted on December 21, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from American Hunter ‏@Ducks_N_Bucks19.

Also, from the same thread:

@Ducks_N_Bucks19 @garageleague66 hopefully a hunting accident will rid the world of you……..here’s hoping❗

It’s so sad when children aren’t taught manners or critical thinking and are allowed out in public with nothing but insults and violent impulses for social “skills”.—Joe]


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  1. “…children aren’t taught manners or critical thinking and are allowed out in public with nothing but insults and violent impulses for social “skills”.

    Products of public education, the mindset of the welfare state, and the Old Media (but I repeat myself). They believe they’re railing against The System, but they don’t understand that it is The System which put them up to it. It’s pretty clever, isn’t it?

  2. This level of insults and incomprehensible fury proves that he has no facts, evidence, logic or reasons to treat his viewpoint with any consideration. He lost the debate. A sane person would dismiss him and his cause.

    • A sane person would dismiss him, then evaluate the cause separately. Just because one lunatic lost a debate to the other side does not mean the principles the lunatic supported were incorrect, just that the lunatic was not capable of articulating a coherent defense of those principles. Dismissing the cause based on the lunatic defender is a straw man argument, and the gun control arguments is weak enough that we do not need to be inventing straw men to attack it.

      Honestly I do not even like the primary argument that pretty much every proponent of gun control is a lunatic on some level. I prefer to destroy gun control arguments on a factual and principles level, and only use the fact that no sane people support it on a national level as ancillary support to build consensus with less logically driven individuals.

      • Good point. Poorly stated on my part. It’s similar to the old advice of mothers that if everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow them? What is correct or that which corresponds to reality can be recognized by one person while everyone else is wrong.

        Any cause is damaged by the unbalanced advocates. Think of all those women wearing the vagina hats. They alienated me completely with that stupidity.

        My ire is nearly always directed at Leftists because they propose gun control despite the evidence against it. They refuse to learn even the most rudimentary facts about the firearms they want to ban, the existing laws, and the dangers of what they propose. Their inability to recognize the truth, coupled with their immature antics, means that I feel pretty confident to dismiss them out of hand. Just like the biased Fake News Media, their credibility is zero.

        I don’t think it is a straw man argument. The evidence that they don’t have a grasp on reality is overwhelming and just reaffirmed by the crazies among them.

        1. Strict gun control locations have intense violence and deaths with firearms which by their “logic” is impossible.
        2. Nations that have disarmed their citizens usually suppress human rights and frequently turn despotic and genocidal.
        3. Gun control laws basically only impact the law-abiding citizens.
        4. Attempts to ban and/or confiscate all firearms is a very dangerous and irresponsible course of action and invites civil war. Sane people would avoid this result, but they court it.
        5. Logistically, disarming Americans with well over 100 million gun owners and at least 300 million firearms (a low estimate) borders on the ridiculous. Advocating for a risky policy that can not be achieved is not what smart people do.
        6. Finally, legally, they have no leg to stand on. Our natural right of self-defense is obvious to nearly everyone and to be armed to defend ourselves is an obvious extension of it. For those who deny the right of self-defense I think 99% would use deadly force to preserve their own lives if cornered into doing so and the 1% are actually insane (or brain-washed).

        I’ve spent too much time here on the scribblings of a gun control crazy.

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