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  1. “Is gun a euphemism for small penis?”


    If it were, then you’d be guilty of aggression against those with physical handicaps, and that would be discrimination and bigotry which you claim to oppose, thus making you a hypocrite.

    Then again, you can attempt any euphemism you like (e.g. is a big nose a euphemism for Jewish accountant? Is Republican a euphemism for in-bred, uneducated, retarded hillbilly?). Your credibility may suffer, but there are no laws against making a fool of yourself.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Makes you wonder about all those police officers, doesn’t it? Especially the women…

  3. Progressive is an euphemism for Fascist, as is Liberal.

    • That’s like saying the NRA is a euphemism for promoting marksmanship and gun rights.

      It’s not a euphemism.

      The Marxists gave themselves the name Progressive to distinguish their brand of slow, incremental (progressive) communist revolution from the violent, precipitous kind of communist revolution.

      The Marxists also coined the political terms “conservative” and “capitalist”, as epithets to describe their enemy; Judaeo/Christian civilization, and America in particular.

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