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Men control, not “gun control”. Men are the problem. If all men were women, our violence problem would be reduced by 90%.

P Lance
April 14, 2017
Comment to Hoping for fewer school shootings doesn’t work. More gun control might.
[This is just common sense! What do we need so many men for anyway? One man for every 100 women would be more than enough for human reproduction needs. We have the technology to determine the sex at conception. After the initial messy stage, as a 99% of the men are removed from the planet, society would at long last enter the long sought utopia.

I can be sarcastic too.—Joe]


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  1. So…. I guess the proponent never taught in High School where the most fights, the most violent fights and the longest running feuds were from girls. Now, admittedly most of the fights ended with the opponents headed to one or more Administrator offices, but usually with newly acquired bald spots and strands or handfuls of hair still clutched rather than gunfire, but to be fair, most male fights ended with a bloody nose……and a handshake.

  2. If all men were women…

    ALL human problems would be solved within a generation.

  3. This is a new idea?
    Woman: “Reuben, Reuben, I’ve been thinking
    What a queer world this would be
    If the men were all transported
    Far beyond the Northern Sea!”
    Man: “Rachel, Rachel, I’ve been thinking
    What a queer world this would be
    If the girls were all transported
    Far beyond the Northern Sea!”
    by Harry Birch and music by William Gooch, originally published in Boston in 1871 by White, Smith, & Perry
    What Alanstorm said.

  4. You might calm an angry man; but I just get away from a mad woman. I have witnessed men being beaten down by a woman, and I want no part of it!

  5. Perhaps this individual is not familiar with the verified phenomena of ‘Menses syncing’, where the estrus cycles of any group of women in close proximity will tend to match the longer they are exposed to each other.

    It can be challenging enough with just two women as roommates, and worse in larger groups (think: dormitories). Just imagine the entire globe ‘on the rag’ (if you’ll pardon the expression) *at the same time*…



    “If all men were women, our violence problem would be reduced by 90%.”
    Yeah…because so would the population.

  6. This idea of a “female” society pops up in literature, movies, and anime to tame violence. Pretty lame. You just exchange one set of problems with another. How about the death toll of babies by abortion? It ranks up there with other genocides attributed to men.

    So, it is unscientific and unGodly. Men and women compliment each other.

  7. We were taught in counterterrorism training that one can talk a man down. Shoot the woman NOW because she is more violent, and more dedicated to her cause.
    A world of women will last one generation. The earth will be red with blood and white with bone.
    Please be careful what you wish for…

  8. The notion that if men were eliminated the incidents of violence would plummet is based on fact. Testosterone is the basis for much aggression….and men have more than women thus are more willing to engage in violence. That doesn’t mean women are non hostile….they just tend to engage in nonviolent
    aggressions. And if there weren’t any men all those “peaceful” women would still be living in mud huts and grass shacks. It is the ‘violent tendencies’ of men
    that lead to progress….and it’s the WHITE MEN who invent the true improvments that have made life pleasant for most everyone on the planet.

  9. There’s a lot of truth to the idea that fights among women are much more vicious than fights among men.

    It’s analogous to a phenomenon in the animal kingdom. Animals bred to fight have a surrender instinct; when one buck surrenders, the victor stops fighting and accepts the surrender. Animals who flew rather than fight, by contrast, if forced to fight, give no quarter and do not accept surrender.

    And so it is with those who learn to fight by fighting, vs. those taught to nurture and negotiate. The former learn, through hard experience, that there are rules, and that there’s a time to stop fighting. Those not schooled in fighting, forced to fight anyway, do not respect rules nor surrender, and such fights escalate out of control very quickly.

    Vis pacem para bellum.

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