Quote of the day—Wayne LaPierre

To every dishonest member of the failing American news media, let me explain why you’ve never been less trusted, less credible, or less respected. For decades you ignored calls from millions of gun owners to just tell the truth. All you had to do was just get the facts right about our guns, and our freedom. But you never even pretended to listen. Instead, you weaponized the First Amendment against the Second. And now the whole country sees you for the mockery we’ve always known. Your claim to the truth is as legitimate as a thief’s. If the fate of individual freedom had rested in your hands, America would have fallen long ago. But Americans put their trust somewhere else, and now in that place stands the most trusted defender of individual freedom in American history. We’re the National Rifle Association of America, and we’re freedom’s safest place.

Wayne LaPierre
NRA Executive Vice President and CEO
April 7, 2017
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[I have nothing to add to LaPierre’s message.

But I do have something to say about what the political left says about LaPierre’s video.

As is typical, the political left lies about us. The headline is NRA Readies Next Attack Against The First Amendment.

It’s not an attack on the First Amendment. No one is advocating for the licensing or “universal background  checks” of people who exercise their First Amendment rights. No one is advocating “Common sense speech laws” which discourage the exercising of First Amendment rights. The NRA is not advocating the banning of speech that doesn’t cause the immediate threat of grave injury or death of innocent people. The NRA is not advocating for government restrictions of any type on free speech. The political left is far more likely to advocate for restrictions on speech. The campus speech codes are just one such example. Wearing a NRA t-shirt to school has resulted in the arrest of a 14 year old kid. That is an attack on the First Amendment.

The political left is lying. Again. Still. As always.

Lies and deception. It’s the best they can come up with.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Wayne LaPierre

  1. One of the plays in the very short, leftist play book;
    “Accuse others of what you do.”

    They’re hoping also that we don’t see their hypocrisy in evoking the right to free speech while attacking the second amendment.

    They’re involved in Conspiracy to Deprive Rights, which is a federal crime.

    As I clearly spelled out over at Uncle’s, that this is therefore a matter for law enforcement and not paid lobbyists or political action committees (when the Supreme Law of the Land is being violated, you don’t lobby the perps, you have them arrested and processed through the justice system, for a law un-enforced is no law at all). For that I was attacked, bizarrely and yet predictably, as advocating the killing of cops.

    And so it is that a rational conversation is nearly impossible, as you’ll be attacked from all sides. The communists will say that freedom is slavery, and the supposedly pro constitution side will say they can’t act or speak authoritatively because they’re being “killed by the media”.

    I once had a very famous “pro gun” writer (now deceased) jump down my throat with the latter. He acknowledged (barely) that what I was saying was true, but chose to take what he regarded as the prudent position of never saying it because of how it would be treated by the media. He got flaming pissed about it too.

    With that kind of logic we are our own worst enemies; we are as afraid of the truth as the leftists. That’s why we lost for nearly 100 years until we were given the gift of the 1994 “assault ban” which helped to turn things around by getting more people involved at the grass roots level; people who hadn’t yet been conditioned to recoil from the simple truth in fear of what might be said about them. The NRA ILA has followed along, slowly, reluctantly, and now they’re beginning to take cues from the success of Donald Trump in his treatment of the media.

    Unfortunately then, our major institutions still seem to be mired in the old “Poll and Follow” method of “leadership”, which of course isn’t leadership at all.

  2. About the story of the fourteen-year-old who was censored and arrested at his school because he refused to turn his shirt inside out:
    When I was in Junior High School (Before Middle School, back when 16-year-old boys with cars had to actually drive to a different school to get a 14-year-old girl friend), in PE we had these shirts to turn inside out depending on which team we played. One side was yellow with the name of the school, the other side was plain blue. Someone should make shirts with a Second Amendment graphic on one side and a First Amendment graphic on the other.
    Maybe these school administrators would stop trying to be such Chekists.

    • Make their heads explode: “right” side out has 2nd on the back and 1st on the front. “Inside” out has 2nd on the _front_ and 1st on the back.
      If we can’t get them coming, get them going.

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