Quote of the day—Josh Dukes

Me getting shot is a manifestation of Trump’s and Milo’s violent ideology.

I refuse not to recognize these people as people, because I refuse to be like them.

Josh Dukes
April 4, 2017
‘I refuse to be like them’: why the man shot while protesting Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t want revenge
[This is the guy who was shot at the University of Washington while “protesting” (preventing people from attending) a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos on Inauguration Day. The article is extremely sympathetic to Dukes. For example:

Dukes says that he attempted only to “peacefully de-escalate” conflict.

Then, he was shot.


Both Sasha and Dukes are angry with the Hokoanas, who they believe acted with unjustifiable carelessness by bringing a gun to a protest and allegedly firing into a crowd of people.

I looked around for a bit more information to see what the police investigation came up with in regards to the shooting. It has been widely believed that Marc Hokoana shot Dukes, but it was Marc’s wife, Elizabeth Hokoana, who shot Dukes.

Here is what I found:

Dukes was an early opponent of Yiannopoulos’ appearance at UW and worked to organize resistance among a number of groups. He was “in the crowd of protesters in a physical altercation” when he was shot in the stomach about 8:25 p.m., the affidavit says.

UW detectives, along with a private technician, have been examining videos of the incident from various sources.

Analysis of video appeared to show Marc Hokoana turning away from Dukes while his wife’s arms were in an extended position, the second law-enforcement source said.

Gordon said the video shows Marc Hokoana in a “position of retreating” and Dukes in a “position of advancing.”

Yet, in the comments of the article which strongly suggests it was a legitimate case of self-defense, we have people saying really twisted things like:

I’m just watching the far right blame a shooting victim for his attempted murder.

The warped sense of reality by Dukes I can sort of understand. It is difficult for many people to admit they made a serious mistake. He wants to continue believing he is a good person. But the commenter? This is after Washington State law on self-defense is quoted for everyone’s benefit.

These people may not be a different species, but they seem to be in a different reality.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Josh Dukes

  1. One of the early reports had Dukes advancing on the Milo group with a “banner pole” held like a spear.
    To the left, their actions are ALWAYS justified, regardless of what they do. It’s for the children you see.

  2. I refuse not to recognize these people as people, because I refuse to be like them.

    This double/triple negative is a bit nonsensical. Why couldn’t he just say, “I don’t want to be like them”? But – he is actually worse than them – Trump and Milos aren’t hindering anyone’s right to free assembly, Dukes was.

  3. I believe it is rare for an evil villain to see himself as an evil villain.

    Things are made worse by the Progressive notion, “Most Everyone is Entitled to Their Own Opinion” (MEE TOO) by which they mean that any notion of right or wrong or of guiding principles is nothing but an arbitrary fabrication. Therefore MY fabrication is at least as valid as YOUR fabrication, if not better because I like puppies and rainbows and you’re a hater who wants to kill the planet.

    • To be more precise, the Progressive notion is “Everyone who is like us is entitled to their [sic] opinion, but everyone who is unlike us shall be muzzled”.

      • True. Or rather they’ll use the “everyone is entitled to their opinion” only when it suits them, meaning they’re lying when they say it because they know that we are freedom oriented and they seek to take advantage of that fact.

        It’s been near fifty years since, as a boy, I first started hearing the “We will use the American system to defeat America” meme, coming as it did from the Soviets of the Cold War era and now residing, entrenched, in the U.S.

  4. my advice to the good lady is to use a more powerful weapon and/or to aim better.

    john jay

    p.s. and, to use such number of shots as are necessary & sufficient to achieve the desired end.

  5. If Dukes was trying to de-escalate anything he would be the first non-violent Wobbly in history. I don’t believe it.

  6. I read with interest the recent story of a homeowner’s son in Oklahoma who fired upon three masked home invaders, hitting all of them, resulting in their deaths. The get-away driver, who was the ‘mastermind’ of the caper (for extremely generous interpretations of the word ‘mind’), has been charged with three counts of murder. In Oklahoma, as in many other states, to be a party to a felonious action in which a death occurred is an act of murder, even if the death is one of an accomplice.

    Had this clown Josh Dukes tried the same behavior in Oklahoma that got him shot, and died as a result, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that his accomplice, identified as “Sasha”, would be charged with his murder.

    Unsurprisingly, such behavior is not happening in Oklahoma. Despite the protestations of ‘dehumanization’ from these individuals, it is perfectly possible to recognize the humanity of someone who is putting you or others in reasonable fear of impending death or grievous bodily harm. This does not in any way alter the necessity (and individual duty towards fellow individual man and humanity in general) to take immediate and decisive action to stop the threat.

    To put it shorter: I don’t care what your politics, worldview or goals are. Act like a threat to human life and limb and you’ll get shot like the actual thug you are despite your delusions of righteousness.

    TL;DR version: don’t start nuffin’, won’t be nuffin’.

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