Quote of the day—Ted Nugent

In this world turned upside down, where certain lunatic-fringe Americans are against secure borders, don’t believe in earning their own way, won’t care about their health but demand others pay for their health care, where crazy politicians rant how bills must be signed to find out what’s in them, and where everybody knows that the most innocent lives are always lost in gun-free zones, dangerous people actually want more gun-free slaughter zones.

Ted Nugent
February 23, 2017
[The motives of knowledgeable people advocating for more “gun-free” zones cannot be more clear. It is evil.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ted Nugent

  1. Democrat insanity: Belief that a plastic sign saying guns are banned will dissuade a criminal or mass murderer from assault, robbery, rape, and murder.

    If they believed such signs actually worked, why not have signs saying “rape is not allowed here” and “Murder is illegal in this area, so just don’t do it”.

    The stupidity of Democrats, liberals, progressives, and the unicorn-fart smelling idealists is so bad that if they concentrated in one area the gravitational field from it would form a black hole.

    We are way beyond attributing to good intentions. No, GFZs are evil and those that advocate for them have no excuse and are culpable for blood spilled there.

    • “Democrat insanity”? Yup; crazy like a fox.

      They know exactly what they’re doing, they do it well, they’ve done it well and made great “progress” for over a hundred years, and so it is a fatal mistake to dismiss them as stupid or crazy. They promote crazy, stupid ideas, yes yes, but they’re very clever and very effective at it.

      They’ve managed to wrest control of nearly all of “education” and the medical industry, they control communication, energy and transportation to a major degree, they’ve managed to reduce the constitution to near irrelevancy, they’ve managed to enshrine a system of confiscation, and spending for their own evil purposes at our expense to the tune of trillions of dollars per year which they use against us, and so on and on and on, and so I ask; who are the “crazy” or the “stupid” ones, being that they all live off of our substance, and even have us being proud of ourselves when go along and get our licenses and pay our taxes on time?

      That’d be us, Brother. We’re the fools, you and me, and so long as we’re busy being irritated and frustrated, calling them names and then going along with it anyway, we’re losing.

      I submit that we’ve already lost, long ago, such that, as a society we no longer have any coherent picture of what “victory” would look like. Look at what the Republicans are doing for example– They’re flailing around, flopping like fish out of water, having no idea what to do with the massive electoral victories we’ve handed them. They’re afraid to even acknowledge victory, to say nothing of celebrating it and acting on it. A judge breaks with the constitution and “orders” them to cease and desist, and they get pissed off and call him names rather than arrest the criminal and go on.

      This’ll never get us anywhere. Push has already come to shove, and we’re still relying on confused, meandering rhetoric and silly posturing.

      • The “insanity” must first be recognized by the majority of the voters before any arrests and convictions can be made. The election results and the efforts for a constitutional convention are a sign things are moving in the correct direction.

  2. Going on in NV too where the Democrat Party is trying to make libraries gun free zones. It is driven by Clark County (Vegas) where the libraries are already gun free zones so it is basically urban leftists trying to impose their agenda on the rest of the state.

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