5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. Given the fact that innocence and evil are usually relative;

    Armed innocence can whip the snot out of unarmed evil, and often armed evil too.

    Those who advocate coercive disarmament of the innocent are evil. In fact they are criminals.

    Why do we spend so much of our time arguing with criminals? Seems to me there are two choices, neither of which involves arguing. Put them down or let them take over.

  2. joe:
    lots of historical precedent for evil crushing populations. and, a few instances where the oppressed rose up and threw off their shackles. better to stay armed, and exercise the threat of armed resistance to keep the toadies cautious. for example, some of obama’s minions were absolutely terrified of the prospect of the great unwashed, e.g., that would be you & me, rising up in open rebellion. they were, and are, afraid of the tea party people, for instance.
    p.s. as for myself, i remember the days of harlan carter being in charge of the n.r.a. very fondly. he was very straight forward in the expression of his views. no mincing of words, no obscuring of intent.

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  4. “[Well, perhaps not every time, but close enough.—Joe]”
    But that’s the way to bet.

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