Quote of the day—Techno Saxondale @ShadowDancerMCR

@Duck_Hunter7 @Elliot_Eastwick @BrianKMcKenna @SethMacFarlane Couldn’t care less. I don’t need to compensate for a tiny penis.

Techno Saxondale @ShadowDancerMCR
Tweeted on June 13, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Proud Hunter ‏@Duck_Hunter7.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Techno Saxondale @ShadowDancerMCR

  1. Yeah, kinda hard to compensate for a tiny penis when you don’t have one at all, ya Dickless Wonder!

  2. I doubt he realizes that he said he has no need to compensate for his tiny penis. He probably thinks he said he didn’t have a tiny penis.

    Anyway, there’s no reaching someone with that mindset. They and they alone make any “sense” of this penis argument. To them it’s a perfectly valid argument. More valid than any self preservation, security of a free state, or human rights argument.

    It was said that in order to understand, and to see Hitler as your fuehrer, you had to view him through emotion. I’d say the same about any leftist/Progressive/Marxist/Fascist/Confederate/jihadist/authoritarian. None of it makes bit of sense without the fog of emotion to give it substance.

  3. Yo, Techno. If you or your family are being attacked by a criminal – wave your not-compensated-for-manfood at the attacker. Let me know how that works out….

    • Yes. Also, no one in the military needs guns. They can just use their penises. Or is it “peni”?

      I suppose the comeback to that, from the left, would be that we don’t need a military for anything but oppressing the poor, the minorities and the women while enriching the military industrial complex. Everything they know about the U.S. military came from watching Dr. Strangelove and listening to their Marxist professors.

      • Plural is “penes” (3rd declension). I wonder if one might have some fun with the fact that the word has an archaic meaning: “tail”.

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