Quote of the day—lock-him-up

I think all the psychos need to arm themselves with automatic weapons and masny rounds of ammo and go visit once a week Republic Party politicians and their mothers, wives, and their children and thank them!

February 2, 2017
Comment to House strikes regulation to keep mentally ill from buying guns
[This is the caliber of people who oppose the right to keep and bear arms. They have difficulty with spelling and grammar, and, if they could arrange it, they would have Republicans killed.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—lock-him-up

  1. Even some of the ones who don’t have issues with spelling and grammar would like to have Republicans (and anyone else who disagrees with them) killed. I don’t hold to making much of the fact that someone (as a representative of an entire group) is a bad speller or doesn’t punctuate properly. I know there are plenty on both sides that misspell words or improperly use than/then, etc. Just the same, I don’t bow down to someone because they have 27 masters degrees and a doctorate in pseudoscience BSing. Being educated is nice, being articulate is nice, being able to express one’s thoughts in a clear and precise manner is really nice. But none of those are explicitly or implicitly the domain of one side or the other.

    • My spelling is very poor and I need computer help with nearly every sentence to get it right. But it is the Democrats/Progressives who constantly proclaim intellectual superiority and that they need to force the redneck, ignorant, Republicans to do what is in their own best interest.

      • Just so. I will however accept a relatively ignorant advocate of the American Principles of Liberty over a leftist genius. Principles are the issue here, and one who advocates violence against Republicans probably has all the wrong principles, if any.

  2. Yes. If you’re going to proclaim that your version of totalitarianism has moral and intellectual superiority when compared to liberty, and is supported by real and rational arguments, then you need to express it in an articulate manner. More often than not it seems that the Leftists cannot do that.

    • ”If you’re going to proclaim that your version of totalitarianism has moral and intellectual superiority when compared to liberty, and is supported by real and rational arguments, then you need to express it in an articulate manner.”

      I apologize for it, but this made me laugh. Your statement is true, but …

      My thoughts at the time were that those who would agree with the notion that totalitarianism has moral and intellectual superiority when compared to liberty probably could not understand any argument if it is expressed in an articulate manner, and those who could understand such an argument if it is expressed in an articulate manner probably would reject it.

      It’s been a slow day.

  3. Note also that the article from which that comment was taken has a disgustingly misleading and dishonest headline. The actual subject is the elimination of a regulation that automatically denies the Constitutional rights of people who receive certain Social Security payments (and, as I understand it, a similar regulation in the VA). But that’s the kind of dishonesty you can expect from gun haters.

  4. Notice that they do not want to bell the cat themselves. They always want psychos or government agents to do their dirty work for them.

    I think they know they will lose.

  5. Dennis Preger said recently that 95 percent of the hate in America comes from the left. I cannot argue with that. Rather I would expound on it by saying that the very foundation of leftist ideology is hate. That they tend to wrap it up in terms like “tolerance” or “compassion” does not change the reality of it. They hate the very founding principles of this country, for starters, because respecting those principles would take away the leftists’ power.

    Interestingly though, the Republican Party has been complicit in the rise of Progressivism (incremental communism) by holding themselves up as “opposition” to the left while helping it succeed. Our first Progressive president was TR, a Republican.

    To wish for the removal of the Republican Party then is to believe that the tactic of being slow and incremental in transforming America, as to make it less obvious and more acceptable, is no longer needed, and that it’s now time for the open, violent stage of the revolution to destroy America. I very much doubt, however, that the author of today’s quote understands one bit of this.

  6. These wackjobs we have on the left rioting,destroying property,attacking people and crying like little bitches about guns,trump and the right is ridiculus ! These people on the left are destroying our country our freedom and we are just standing there and letting it happen.
    Its really sad to see this great nation destroyed by a bunch of stupid fuckin people who think they are better then everybody else . Morons

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  8. Since I’m likely one of the aforementioned “psychos”, I would imagine that if a bunch of like-minded friends visited a bunch of republican politicians once a week, we probably would say “thank you.” Then have a few beers. Probably call it a barbecue.

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