Quote of the day—The Original DB

Does carrying a pistol make you safer? As a rule, men do not carry pistols for self-defense. Men carry guns around with them because they are the #1 non-pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The Original DB
April 13, 2016
Comment to Does Carrying A Pistol Make You Safer?
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

We have facts and SCOTUS decisions. They have grade-school insults.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Original DB

  1. Let’s assume that carrying is a cure for impotence, we’ll accept that as a given.

    Is The Original DB upset we’ve got an effective cure and are enjoying our new found potency while they’re still suffering from it?

    Are they jealous? I think they are.

  2. Considering the discomfort that would be associated with a permanent boner, compared to the compromises in comfort and dress often associated with concealed carry, I’d say the the pistol at least shows superior benefit in the safety department. Would DB like to walk around all day with a dildo shoved up its butt? Oh – nevermind.

  3. It’s pure projection. Many leftists apparently get sexually excited thinking about violence, so they assume everyone else does. Of course they would also associate violence with guns, or guns with violence, because that’s been the leftist, anti-Americans’ mantra for generations, and therefore they’ll assume everyone else makes the same associations. With all that in mind, it is understandable why they think the way they do about guns and gun owners– they’re projecting their sickness (and their programming, although it’s difficult to tell where one leaves off and the other begins) upon others.

    The association of sex with violence is both (apparently) fairly common, and disturbing, and it deserves more serious study as a mental disorder and a communicable, social pathology. It is also seemingly far more common among leftists.

    Of course they actively promote said mental disorder in the “entertainment” industries. That enough people pay for that horseshit to keep them in business is another indicator of the scope, or scale, of the disease.

  4. DB misses two points as they usually do.

    1) Men routinely use their concealed pistols to end criminal assaults. So they are used for self-defense. There are cases upon cases upon cases of this beneficial use and so DB is not in touch with reality and evidence.

    2) Women also carry pistols for self-defense. So, are they suffering from erectile dysfunction? DB needs to go back to fifth grade health class to be taught the anatomical differences between the sexes.

    What a mentally deficient individual, and hateful, too.

    • But you are thinking rationally. People who say things like this are not rational. So, you must respond with rhetoric, not dialectic and reason. Something more along the lines of “just because you know you can’t handle a gun, and know you can’t trust yourself with a gun, you must just want to ridicule others for what you know you cannot control. Thanks for letting us know you are mentally unstable and untrustworthy. Have a good day! I know I wil! :-)”

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  6. I still say “We’ve got facts, they’ve got dick jokes” is the better construction. It points out just how intellectually bankrupt their position is by using crude language.

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