Quote of the day—Winston S. Churchill

British troops were still fighting hard in the centre of Athens, hemmed in and outnumbered. We were engaged in house-to-house combat with an enemy at least four-fifths of whom were in plain clothes. Unlike many of the Allied newspaper correspondents in Athens, our troops had no difficulty in understanding the issues involved.

Winston S. Churchill
Triumph and Tragedy (The Second World War Volume VI)
Page 259
[I find it interesting the press is frequently so out of touch with reality. Ulysses S. Grant made similar observations several decades earlier.

This six volume series on WW II by Churchill is excellent. His perspective is, of course, a bit different from what I learned in history classes and I enjoyed seeing things from his view.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Winston S. Churchill

  1. I’ve read just enough Churchill to decide that anything he wrote is worth reading. I’d love to get my hands on his history of the Great War (WWI), also his biography of his ancestor Marlborough.

  2. Both his WWI and WWII histories are must reads but the reader has to take them with a grain of salt. His actual history is not always accurate. But what his series are irreplaceable for, is understanding what he thought was important.

    • All history, by all historians, has to be taken with grains of salt.

      I’ve read a lot of his writing. One excellent series is “The history of the English speaking people”.

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