Be careful what you wish for

This year many Democrats were advocating for the electors in the Electoral College pledged to Donald Trump to vote for someone else. Their hope was to get those votes to Hillary Clinton or at least remove enough votes from Trump such that the election would be thrown in the House for resolution.

These people should have been careful what they wished for.

It turns out there were a record (actually a tie with 1808 at the time of this post) number of electors who broke their pledges. There were six of them… But it was only two of those for Trump! The other four were pledged to Hillary and changed their vote. Three of those voted for Colin Powell and the other for Faith Spotted Eagle.

In addition:

three Democratic electors, in Colorado, Maine and Minnesota, initially declined to vote for Mrs. Clinton. Two ended up changing their vote, and one was replaced by an alternate.

I am greatly amused. This was truly an election year for popcorn.


7 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Yes, it’s funny in a crap-for-brains way. Sort of like our Governor declaring that Washington State is a Hate Free Zone while they spend a lot of time pouring out hate towards Republicans, and anyone else not sufficiently far left. The last of critical thinking and self-awareness is awe-inspiring… but not in a good way.

  2. I appreciate that in this case it hurt the Hildabeast even more, but I really think that electors should not be faithless, ever.

    They campaigned to get the position, they took an oath, and the people expect them to do as they are told, and not rob the voters because they get cold feet. Faithless electors are the ultimate in voter fraud.

    I think capital punishment should be the penalty, but I think that it also would be appropriate for the illegals voting in OUR election! I’m tired of Democrats using dead people and ineligible people and double voting wherever they can to steal elections. We need purple thumbs and voter ID to end this crap.

    • Vote fraud, ballot tampering, and in any way interfering with the electoral process should be an automatic death penalty. I want people reacting to even the suggestion of performing any of those activities to reply: “Are you kidding? They put people up against a wall and shoot them for that!”

      I would hold to this even if all other forms of capital punishment are removed. Good men died to protect the right to vote. Don’t cheapen it by letting these sorts of shenanigans go.

    • “I appreciate that in this case it hurt the Hildabeast even more…”

      It hurt no one. Nor did it help anyone. It had no effect whatsoever, so why pretend that it did?

      “…but I really think that electors should not be faithless, ever.”

      Then why have them at all? Do you understand why we have the electors, and with that understanding you disagree with that propose, or do you not understand why we have them?

      The founders of this country were trying very hard to avoid setting up a democracy, and they were very open and explicit about it. The U.S. constitution is loaded with anti-democratic features. In this enlightened age however, no one remembers a bit of it, and so no one objects, or even flinches, when we refer to the U.S. as a “democracy”.

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