I thought he moved on

Via the Huffington Post article What Does The NRA Want? (And What To Do About It):

Following the massacre of first graders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre infamously said that the lesson to be learned was: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” That phrase perfectly captures a core premise of Trumpism: that the nation is neatly divided into “good guys” (who have been forgotten by the elites controlling our government) and “bad guys” (Muslims, undocumented immigrants and “the others” who have been allowed to threaten the safety and well-being of the “good guys”). LaPierre’s slogan likely will animate the entirety of the NRA’s Trump Administration agenda.

This is “a core premise of ‘Trumpism’”? Really? It’s implied the good guys are difficult to distinguish from the bad guys and the bad guys are based upon immigration status, religion, etc. But it is extremely clear from the context LaPierre identified the bad guy as the one murdering the children and their teachers. The good guys would have been anyone in a position to take a clean shot at the bad guy.

The rest of the article has similar distortions and half-truths. It is very skillfully worded so as to be almost true but extremely misleading so as to put gun owners and the NRA in a bad light. As I was reading the article I wondered, “Who is this person?”

It all made sense once I saw the author’s name. It is Half-Truth Henigan. I thought he had moved on. Oh, well…

One more interesting observation is that if Henigan thinks distinguishing good guys versus bad guys is difficult he must have a much different set of the people he associates with than I do. I suppose it makes sense since he is almost for certain a Democrat. And, after all, Democrats prison inmates outnumber inmates of all other political persuasion combined by a factor of two to one.


5 thoughts on “I thought he moved on

  1. “he must have a much set of the people”

    As for what to do about what the NRA wants: Give it to ’em! Whatever it is. Then maybe they’ll leave you alone. After all, isn’t that what we’re told to do with muggers, rapists, etc?

    • Whoops! I got distracted by something when I was editing that sentence and didn’t finish it. It’s fixed now. It should have been, “… he must have a much different set of the people he associates with than I do”.

      • Cool. I was guessing the missing word was “larger” or “smaller”. Feel free to delete the comments.

  2. To be fair, it IS difficult to distinguish the Good Guys from the Bad Guys ahead of time. (Once the shooting starts, of course, the Bad Guys self-identify.) This is a key problem of terrorism — the Bad Guys do their utmost to look like Good Guys, right up to H-hour.

    Many approaches to this problem have been suggested and tried. I don’t know of a better one than to free up potential ‘victims’ to fight back.

    (The easiest way to do this is for a given percentage of the population to be armed. But there are other ways. I vividly remember a terrorist attack in Israel in which a bus was commandeered suddenly and sent off the road into a ravine. Sixteen people died, one of them a friend of mine. Not long after, another terrorist tried the same tactic — but this time people were prepared, and the attack was foiled… by a five-foot-tall grandfather, who grabbed the terrorist by the testicles and said “no you don’t either”.)

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