In the light of the news that Hillary Clinton went to “Orgy Island” on the “Lolita Express” at least six times I find this tweet from Jenny Block very telling about those who support Clinton for president:

Female orgasm’s the most powerful force in the world. Don’t forget to Climax for Clinton today! Let me know you did with #ClimaxForClinton !

I don’t have a problem with consenting adults doing pretty much whatever they want in their bedrooms, or on an island, but the reports are that many of the participants on the island were not adults and some of the adults were not consenting.

But almost as disturbing is that Ms. Block somehow thinks orgasms are applicable to a presidential election.

The Anonymous Conservative will claim this is a validation of r/K theory.


4 thoughts on “#ClimaxForClinton

  1. I despise genetic fallacies, but I wish there were some other source for this information than WND, or at least they did a better job of documenting their source.

    • r/K isn’t based on genetics. There’s probably a genetic (and more likely epigenetic) component, but it’s a continuum primarily influenced by how freely you (the collective you) perceive resources to be. One of the central postulates is that K societies lead to excess resource availability, which leads to r, which leads to social collapse, which leads to K.

      Our society is overrun by (r)SJWs because you don’t have to work to eat or even live comfortably anymore. As soon as things are tough, the same people will shift to a K strategy (or at least their children and children’s children).

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