When do the F/X start?

How should a person feel on the day he wakes up in a Dan Brown novel? Especially to realize he is not the hero, but rather just one of the many expendable pieces of background collateral damage to make the finale more exciting? And you don’t know if he’s planning on writing a sequel or not? Or even what page of the story you are on?

That is where I find myself. Many others are thinking the same, I’m sure, even if they are not thinking in the same terms.

The whole WikiLeaks / Podesta / Clinton email rabbit-hole is just unreal. It’s like an over-the-top thriller where you shake your head and say “Nah, nobody is that sick and flaunts it so much; I mean pedophilia, child sex trafficking, cannibalism, occult ceremonies, secret code words, an unsecured server in a presidential campaign, and an unsecured backup of nearly everything on a guy named Anthony Weiner’s laptop? The media cannot be that blind, bought, or stupid as to play along with it and remain silent… can it? That many high level government officials can’t be that corrupt, and have that much leverage on their underlings… I hope? And are you telling me than not a single one of the hundreds of agents and officers involved in all this have the spine to take the damning evidence public? And did a fly really land on both Hillary and Obama on live TV?” You really resist belief, because if you believe what the emails are pointing to is true, a whole bunch of very uncomfortable things follow… if not logically, they are at least much more likely than is enjoyable to contemplate. And if they are not true, then the realization you are delusional and part of a mass hallucination is not a comforting thought, either.

Very short summary for those with a job and regular life who haven’t been following: WikiLeaks has released a massive number of emails obtained from the account of John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s right-hand man, who used the password “p@ssword” on his highly sensitive account) that appear to indicate involvement in ordinary pay-to-play government corruption with large dollar values, selling influence, media collusion and campaign coordination in all sorts of ways, charity fraud, conflicts of interest, etc. But there also appear to be a much darker side, including bizarre things like Podesta’s favorite piece of art being a huge sculpture “inspired” by one of Jeffry Dhamer’s decapitated murder/cannibal victims (https://i.redd.it/i05mcsh5vpvx.png ), and all the other things listed above. It is not simply implied that there is just a little bit of “he likes children”, but more a “he’s a major player in a huge and ongoing international child sex slave trafficking trade.” And the whole “spirit cooking” is something I’d expect from a 3rd century pagan or ancient Egyptian occultist, not in modern America.

At least, that what’s being reported/speculated based on the emails. The folks at 4chan are connecting dots at an incredible pace. The weird pizza parlor that’s not far from a dentist. The strange word-salad emails that only make sense if you use urban-dictionary slang for things. Etc., etc., etc. Just… bizarre. Then there is the whole on/off/on/back off FBI director Comey announcements. Then you have the drip-drip-drip release of the wikileaks emails, and Project Veritas’s under-cover videos of high-ranking democrat operatives, one even married to a US representative, bragging about how they incite violence at Trump rallies, fix elections, commit vote fraud, and more.

Try to explain any of this, let alone all of it, to an average low-info voter or a normal person and you get the “you lost your tinfoil hat” look as they slowly back away.

Is it real, and there is a massive cover-up and corruption that really needs at least $40 million in special effects and a major chase scene to justify all the build-up? Or is there just some ordinary corruption and misunderstanding, or a dream (hi, Toto!), and life will go on as before if Hillary gains the WH?

Some good places to start are:








Another bizarre tangent is http://pastebin.com/Sb3xXvdv

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of sources – things keep cropping up on 4chan and elsewhere – so add any new good summaries or info in comments below.

Oh, and if it’s a movie, I expect at least normal union rates, preferably in small unmarked bills. If it’s real… I may wind up going back to Church for real sometime soon.


18 thoughts on “When do the F/X start?

  1. You’re an optimist. I’m pretty sure we’re in a Matt Bracken novel, not Dan Brown.

  2. “…something I’d expect from a 3rd century pagan or ancient Egyptian occultist, not in modern America.”

    And you believe now is different from the 3rd century, why? The more I live, the more I see, the more I think of all of history as a single moment. Are you saying that we, now, are somehow genetically different, significantly, from people in the 3rd century? Who re-wired our brains and when did that happen?

    It works almost every time. There is a concept. It relates to scale and intensity. It should have a name, but I don’t there is a name for it; You steal a thirty dollar shirt from a department store and you get arrested. You steal three trillion dollars from a hundred and fifty million people and you get a book deal and a speech circuit. You commit big enough, bold enough crimes, and do other things that go so far beyond crimes that there are no words to describe the depth of their depravity, and few if anyone will believe it. Exterminate six million innocent people because of their religion or ethnicity? You’ve got to be kidding. You are kidding. That doesn’t happen. It couldn’t happen. Not here. Not now. Not in this enlightened age. It didn’t happen. You’re crazy!

    I heard it on the way home today; this is a Republican creation. A sham. Nothing to see here, except to demonstrate the depths of depravity and desperation among the Republicans.

    We’ve heard this before; “…vast right wing conspiracy”.

    So in other words; more things change the more they stay the same. Your perception of the news depends solely on your allegiance. Either there is rampant corruption on one side or the other. Hillary is a criminal, treasonous tyrant, or the Republicans are involved in a conspiracy of unprecedented attempts to frame innocent, well-meaning Democrats for things they never did and would never do.

    What you are just beginning to realize, whether you know it as such or not, is that you are witnessing some portion of the dark side of the world that has been among us all along. Nothing has changed, except that which has plagued the world since the beginning has become a bit more bold in America.

    Don’t let it get to you. It’s trick is to suck you in. Be patient and don’t tolerate evil. This time is no different than any other time, except in the most material sense that we have cellophane, antibiotics, space ships and computers, which they didn’t have in the 3rd century. Otherwise it’s exactly the same.

    This conflict has existed since the beginning. Your ability to overcome it is what matters.

  3. Brilliant, Lyle. How is the Podesta/Clinton/Obama Triumvirate any different from the rule of Imperator Diocletian? Of course, it isn’t different. Diocletian had a willing Senate, corrupt Legions to kill on his command, like Clinton has had, and a people willing to put up with all that because it was the Roman/American way. Just give us our Free Shit, you can play your game. Huns at the Gate? Fuggeddabboudditt.

    BTW, Joe, while you have it in you, write this up as a book. That’s what I’m doing.

  4. Excellent article and commentary; Thank you. As has been observed before, Orwell might have been an optimist. (I suspect I may be living in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil but not the happy ending version)

    • “Try to explain any of this, let alone all of it, to an average low-info voter or a normal person and you get the “you lost your tinfoil hat” look as they slowly back away”

      That’s for sure. The farther I work my way down your list the more I want to back away too. I had no idea this stuff was out there.

      • Spread the word. Or at least, point fence-sitters to it. It is out there…. WAY out there, to be sure, nearly X-Files stuff. But ask them to read it and give a more reasonable explanation.

  5. lyle:

    best piece i have ever read here. well written, and captures the exact mental processes i have been undergoing in the last 10 days or so. ever since i read about the “spirit dining” business and marina abramovic. and, marina santos. (how’s that for a co-inky-dinky?)

    you’ve got podesta & the occult? you have a woman named kilbury in haiti stealing children (33 of ’em), and hillary interceding on her behalf. the women gets the children by promising to place them in nice orphanages, which don’t exist, and they disappear. bill clinton buddies w/ jeff epstein, who is a level 3 sex offender (a rather dubious career achievement), and hillary and bill visiting the bahama’s courtesy of epstein’s jet the “lolita express.”

    as the guy said in “cool hand luke,” one doesn’t know whether to “spit, swallow or smile.” it is a bit hard to process.

    hint no. 1: go to google, hit “images” and type in marina abramovic w/ occult. you’ll get an amazing bunch of pictures, especially w/ her w/ a pentagram self-carved on her tummy.
    hint no. 2: watch hbo’s series, season 1, of “true detectives” w/ woody harrelson and michael mcconaughey as the “heros,” & just barely. they do get the bad guys, who are into this stuff just breaking on podesta’s and clintons. but, it will prepare the mind for the waters we seem to be sailing into.

    john jay

    p.s. i have published on this. trump’s memo on twitter based on wikileaks, etc. my own view, is that the last f.i.b. investigation on emails was simply a diversion to keep this stuff off the web for a couple weeks. and, yes, comey is in hillary’s back pocket, and dirty as hell.

  6. Well. This is all very apocalyptic for the Monday before Election Day, now, isn’t it?

  7. wendy wilson: yes, it is all apocalyptic on any day, … , but, there appears to a whole lot more than a “grain of salt” to it. it is in wikileaks. donald trump thought it serious enough to merit an inclusion in his twitters. and, i, a lawyer for 25 years have thought enough of the stories that i have published briefly on it. and, i am gonna publish more. so, there you have it, “apocalypse now.”


    i have published a lengthy update about his matters at my little shop. ordinarily, i don’t publish links to my stuff at the blogs of other bloggers. but, in the last 7 to 10 days i have done so, because compelled to so to do, to get the story out on the clintons.

    so, an update at this post:

    http://wintersoldier2008.typepad.com/summer_patriot_winter_sol/2016/11/marina-santos-received-emails-from-huma-abedin-in-the-clinton-secure-room-while-hillary-gone-hillary.html .

    i put the update in this post because i have come to believe that the last email scandal was a diversion from the breaking clinton occult story.

    thanks for your consideration and patience.

    john jay wintersoldier2008.typepad.com

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  9. “the realization you are delusional and part of a mass hallucination” and “The more I live, the more I see, the more I think of all of history as a single moment.” (Rolf and Lyle) are more Phil Dick than Dan Brown. So I think we’re talking about some sort of cross-genre mash-up here. Throw in William Gibson’s Cold Civil War (Spook Country) and have some sweet dreams.

    Haven’t delved into the 4chan stuff. Given previous encounters with the site, not sure I want to without malaria vaccine. Which is only verging on being a thing.

    Be choosy! Chew Chew-Z!

    • Yeah, the 4chan and 8chan stuff they are connection is the sort of thing you’ll want mind-bleach for when you are done, even if you are wearing a mental hazmat suit going in. It gives a whole new emphasis to the old expression about “the devil you know;” sort of inverts it, in fact.

      But yeah, it’s got some serious plot twists and dark corners in the story-line. I really hope the white-hats pull off the win.

  10. Interesting. Scott Foval, of Project Veritas undercover sting fame, is tweeting.

    Money quote: You shoulda gave me a better severance package.

    Not sure how you make sure something gets archived in “original form” for everyone else to see, but there is as a lot of things there to screen-cap.

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