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I can’t stop dwelling on the irony that for years and years I believed the main reason for keeping the RKBA was in case a fascist or communist government should take over; and now I’m being told that to protect our RKBA I should choose between a fascist and a communist.

Indeed, we never could have written this stuff.

October 31, 2016
Comment to Best Election Ever!
[Nearly all of the comments there (as of 2:15 PM PDT) could qualify as QOTD. Good stuff.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Whetherman

  1. Whoever wins this election, America loses. We will never have our republic again.

  2. It can sometimes be entertaining to take leftist talking points and use them for fun word games, but Mr. Trump doesn’t really distinguish himself as particularly fascist.

    Ever since Herr Hitler gave fascism a bad name, the left has tried to distance itself from the construct and apply it to its opponents (enemies?), but the fact of the matter is that fascism and its leading proponents (Mussolini, most noteworthy) were the darlings of the Progressive movement in the early 20th century. It’s one step short of communism, promoting the ideal of a strong central government regulating and guiding privately owned interests. (Much like where the Democratic Party has brought the US Federal Government to today, some might argue.)

    As an aside, when I first saw the Clinton campaign slogan, it struck me as to how well it distilled the central concept of the fascist icon, the fasces.

    • It’s worth remembering that Hitler’s party called itself national Socialist. And that he got along just fine with fellow totalitarian Stalin until he made a dumb mistake.

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