2 thoughts on “Don’t let Hillary leave you defenseless

  1. I pointed my wife to this video. Her reaction was not what I expected. She said “it really scared me”. Her explanation is that all she got out of it was “the woman was killed” and it didn’t do a thing for her fear of guns. (She’s very supportive of the right to own guns and the use of guns for self defense — but she is also scared of them and doesn’t want to use them herself. I’m still working on it…)
    After some back & forth I realized that she isn’t the audience for that ad. Instead, it’s aimed at a group she had not even thought about: gun owners who support Democrats. Once we got there, she conceded that this makes sense, but still felt that the ad wasn’t very clear. It didn’t clearly say, as it should have: “if you vote Democrat you’re voting to have your guns taken away from you”.

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