1 thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Same exact response as the British in the face of Hitler– They were sinking Navy ships to demonstrate that they meant the Nazis no harm. That worked out pretty well for them, eh? “Peace in our Time!” and then in about a year London was on fire.

    This repeats itself throughout history. The hysterical cry from the Progressives during the Reagan / Carter campaign was that Reagan, with his “Peace Through Strength” concept was going to start a nuclear war with the Soviets for sure. His arrogance and bluster would provoke the enemy.

    The fact that the opposite always happens is lost on the inattentive, and so your having a gun is to be seen as a “provocation” and not as the deterrent to evil and keeper of the peace that it is (“…being necessary to the security of a free state…”). Of course the “provocation” meme is a deliberate lie coming from the criminal class, the enemies of Judeo/Christian Civilization.

    I keep using the Lord of the Flies analogy, and it applies here as well. If, at the end of the story, some weak, appeasing little prissy had set foot on the shore of the island instead of a soldier, the chaos and bloodshed would have continued.

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