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Consider, for instance, the fact that gun crime rates typically have not risen in regions when the number of concealed-carry permit holders increases. That point goes a long way to convincing millennials that the problem isn’t simply the number of guns, it’s who is holding them.

Moreover, it’s worth considering that during the two-decade period from 1992 to 2011, violent crime rates fell nearly in half in the United States while the murder rate fell dramatically as well. Why is that significant? Because it was a period when gun laws nationwide generally became less restrictive (notwithstanding the experience in several major urban centers).

For all the hysterical talk about gun violence in the United States, the truth is that our nation ranks relatively low in terms of gun murders per 100,000 people. It is impossible to reconcile that with the fact the United States leads the world in civilian firearms ownership.

Jesse Winton
September 20, 2016
‘Inured to violence’ involving guns
Why millennials are skeptical of the gun-control agenda

[We need to keep changing the culture. It’s our best hope.

Someone at work came up to me yesterday and said, “It’s time to blow off some steam around here. Can you arrange some range time for a group of us to go to the range together?”

Uh, YES!

I reserved the training bay at West Coast Amory for us. I’m pretty sure there will be people who have never shot before attending as well as people with their own guns and former military and law enforcement people as well.—Joe]

Those who need to know already know what the following means. If it’s not crystal clear to you then don’t worry about it. It’s not for you.



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  1. Nice post.

    The last sentence is false, however;
    “It is impossible to reconcile that with the fact the United States leads the world in civilian firearms ownership.”

    It’s not merely possible to reconcile, it’s the main point here, that in the U.S., with our high, and rising, gun ownership rates and increasing respect for the principle behind the second amendment we have declining crime rates. The counter examples to support this point are the Progressive-occupied cities where guns are mostly illegal and crime and corruption run rampant.

    All this becomes difficult or impossible to “reconcile” only if you’ve bought into the Progressive narrative (lie, in this case) which says guns cause crime. If you understand that the keeping and bearing of arms among free citizens is a deterrent to crime, then it’s obvious that more guns means less crime, and it “reconciles” predictably.

    We could take the logic to the next step and point out that the Progressive leadership is projecting. They’re pointing fingers at us and at the enumerated rights of Man as the problem, when in fact it is Progressivisn that results in degradation and in the elevated levels of violence within Progressive-held territories. Progressives and other authoritarians are the top-down corruption that lead to degradation thought a society.

    Taking the logical process farther, the Progressive movement, which opposes the American principals of liberty and seeks to render the U.S. Constitution effectively nul and void, is a criminal organization. They’re enemies of human rights worldwide, and justice would demand they be treated as such.

    • I’m glad I read your comment before I made a fool of myself trying to say the same thing, but less eloquently.

  2. friends:

    gun control has nothing to do w/ guns, nor logic nor reason.

    it has to do w/ disarming the opponents of “progressive-ism,” and clearing any obstacles for progressives to oppress the populace in general, and their opponents, in particular.

    you are wasting your time trying to “persuade” the left of its errors. better to demonstrate to them, that if they try to disarm us, the results will be very bloody, and they will be hurt very badly in the fracas.

    simple as that.

    john jay

    • Doesn’t that also fall under the category of trying to persuade the left (proud leftist here) of its errors?

      PS I want to cut your taxes down to nothing, leave your guns alone, and support your right to discriminate to your heart’s content. Suck on that.

  3. I was politically aware at an early age, and the 1994 assault weapons ban (I was 10) did a great deal to move me to the pro-gun side of the aisle. I heard about it, I was curious, and after reading up a bit I could see it was incredibly stupid back then. I saw the concealed carry movement (which hit my state almost last) as a reaction to/extension of that.

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