It shouldn’t be as big a problem here

I haven’t heard about this in the U.S. media:

schools are a “top priority” target for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), which delivered a direct threat last December.  The terrorist group’s francophone propaganda magazine, Dar al Islam, urged Muslim parents to remove their children from French schools and to kill teachers, who were called “enemies of Allah” for teaching the French principle of secularism.

Don’t think that the French are any more hated that Americans. It’s a good thing that here in the U.S. that we have a lot of staff in our schools armed and trained to deal with active shooters. Right?


8 thoughts on “It shouldn’t be as big a problem here

    • They’ll have to select the more Progressive schools in the more Progressive states as being the least likely to offer any resistance. A whole, isolated population of quivering blobs of jelly, crying about being “triggered” any time someone disagrees with them, are already ripe for jihadist slaughter.

      If and when it happens, the second amendment will be blamed– It will be said to have a “death toll” associated with it, and the more blatant liars will post numbers as “proof”. We’re already seeing these things happen, so it’s not difficult to predict.

      If the jihadists are smart however, they’ll delay attacking fellow authoritarians (Progressives, Fascists, Nazis, communists, socialists, et al) as long as possible, as the Progressive Authoritarian Movement is one of their biggest allies.

      It may be that they’re already reaching the end of that delay period, but they could extend it by being open about what has a de facto allegiance, and making it official as a declared war against Judeo/Christian Civilization.

  1. I’m an optimist, some days. The upside to an event like that is it might actually be enough to get through some of the brains that run the schools that there are more important things than feelings, slogans, and comfortable lies, because reality has a way of eventually asserting itself. And when a couple billion people support a religion that calls for conquest, and 10% of them say that targeting civilians with terrorism is an acceptable means to do so (and the other 90% is to afraid to say NO and actively stop them), maybe you should believe them.

    Put it in a SF novel. Aliens land. Sound nice. Have families. Claim to be fleeing oppression. They commit the same sort of terrorist attacks on civilians that Muslims terrorists do every day. What would be the human response to those murders? What should it be?

    Or, to put it another way, what do you call an immigrant that doesn’t assimilate?
    A Colonist.

    • “Footfall” by Niven and Pournelle is pretty close to what you describe (and very much worth reading — I’d love to see it made into a movie).

      • Paul,
        I don’t disagree with Footfall being a good movie. But it’s not the what I’d select. The entire Man-Kzin War series would make a terrific series if done well.

        • True. Part of what makes Footfall appealing is that it uses today’s technology. And the notion of the good guys flying an Orion would be a thrill — think of all the tree huggers having convulsions. Except the ones who can think, like John Fox in the story.

    • Colonist — I like that.
      The left hates things with negative labels and Colonialism is high on their list. I’m gonna give it a try.

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