9 thoughts on “Mass killing in gun free Tokyo

  1. joe:

    i did some research and writing on school yard killings by deranged adults in china, where this sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen. nor, i suppose, is this thing supposed to happen in japan, a place where people usually keep a pretty tight reign on their passions. (well, forget war/wars. you know, we are supposed to forget the wars raged/waged in the orient.)

    no guns in chinese school yards and classrooms.

    but, there are lots of swords, knives and other edged weapons that adults bent on killing children use in china. in most instances, armed police/authorities end the killing sprees by killing the attacker. in almost no instances do civilians, armed or disarmed or otherwise, stop the rampages.

    the “motives” for the killings seems to run to the mundane, much like in this country. frustrations about employment, lack of recognition, and not much luck w/ romance seem to fuel the killings. and, china has it islamic/muslim terror & political killings, though not as frequent as here.

    john jay

  2. p.s. and, no, you don’t have to reload a sword but you do have to get relatively close. that’s probably why children are preferred victims, as they are not so inclined to immediately flee as an adult.

    keep that in mind when thinking about why victims are selected as victims.

  3. No way, the Bloomberg astroturf PR flack assures me you can’t do that without a big scary gun.

  4. I’ve already heard the assertion that this total is irrelevant and we still need to confiscate guns because he didn’t make the 49 of the Orlando murderer.
    So 15 dead is one more than Columbine. They’re twenty years behind. The strength of their argument is underwhelming.

    • How many did Vlad the Impaler manage to kill, using edged weapons, spears, arrows and wooden poles? That beats Orlando, I bet. Shall we pour through the history of human crime and conflicts prior to the invention of gunpowder, and count the dead per hundred thousand population? Will that alter, abolish or reinforce our fundamental rights in some way?

      Actually the numbers don’t matter to this argument. Human rights matter, as does the constitution which was put in place to protect them, and the laws stating what will be done to those who seek to deprive rights under color of law. How is it that statistics apply to these things, except maybe during the office-holders’ sentencing hearings?

      • I agree, the numbers are irrelevant. It’s just that every time you talk to a Leftist and say that people can be killed with knives and clubs, they talk about no drive-by knifings and how so few people are actually killed in a knife rampage compared to one using a gun. Here the deaths from the knife attack are the same as the Columbine murders, and half the Sandy Hook school murders.
        Besides, the Green River mass murderer murdered many more without even a knife.

  5. At least the priest who had his throat slit in church today wasn’t shot. That would have been really bad. But they only used blades, so it’s not an EvilThought BadCrime.

    It’s a total mystery, though, why he was murdered. The alleged attackers who took hostages and were shouting “Allahu Akbar” were said to be inspired by Amish progressives and ISIS, but it’s unclear which had more influence.

    -end stomach-ache satire-
    The tighter they wind the spring of irrationality, the more vicious the snap-back.

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